Speed On Wheels at Bruntingthorpe

Speed On Wheels at Bruntingthorpe



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Monday 16th June 2008
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Hi guys,

I thought that I would start up a thread to see who is planning on attending the new show on 5/6th July at Bruntingthorpe.

We have a prescence there with both indoor and outdoor stands for the Murtaya and Toniq R and will have examples of both cars out on the demonstration track.

Sally has really gone to a lot of effort to put on a wide variety of entertainment from the usual static displays to the opportunity to take your own cars out on track.

As there have not been any threads about it recently I was wondering what the perception of the show is - and more importantly how many are planning on making the trip?

Personally I think that the concept is superb and the show has the potential to be a real success as it combines the static/live elements and also offers those attending the chance to get out and play, whether it be in a manufacturer demo car, your own car, in karts, on the drag strip etc etc. They are also trying to get the 'club' feel with on site camping & evening entertainment.

So thoughts please - concept, concerns, are you coming???




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Monday 16th June 2008
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Hi Neil

I'm waiting to get an RST engine in the Quantum, and Newark is hopefully the first test of it. If all goes well I might bring it to Brunters as well.

Would like to see the Murtaya moving! Every time I've seen one it's been in the exhibition hall of a show


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Tuesday 17th June 2008
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I'm thinking about going.

I would imagine it will only be the track side of things that will be any good, and then only for those people who want to throw themselves at it. As I'm far from 100% at the present, perhaps I really should give it a miss, sticking my nose close to the petrol fumes coming from inside the car on display at Stoneleigh was enough to make make feel sick!


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Saturday 21st June 2008
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I am definitely up for this but I am not sure what is happening with work around that part of July - will be along to Didcot though - any old excuse!!!


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Saturday 21st June 2008
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I would go but with a noise limit of 98dB, it makes it almost impossible for any BECs to get on track.


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Sunday 22nd June 2008
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Hi Neil, i cannot go because i will be hooning around the Alps and Monaco in the Phoenix, Bruntingthorpe does not quite have the glamour darling..... But seriously I hope it all goes well. My only concern would be the noise issues as stated, I just hope the noise police do not ruin it for anybody. I do not know many BEC s that comfortably get under 98db and like it of not they are a big part of the scene nowdays. I do not even attempt days that are under 100dbs and mine is not particularly noisy. For that reason alone i would not have attended. But Brunters is a very safe place to let the cars loose so i hope you all have a great time and you sell a few kits.

As a side note, these type of events I believe are fantastic but going by the previous TotalKitCarLive events, we put on a great show for the public but the main problems seemed to be getting the volume of public through the gates, hence chequebooks open. Advertising only seemed to be in the kit car press ect. I think the future needs to be linking up with more mainstream shows, particularly tuning shows as I am sure you do with the Japanese lot. They seem to have lots of money to spend, even the young guys and there are lots of them. New blood needs to get into kit cars thats for sure, and as lots of kits have Jap engines it could be the way to go.


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Monday 7th July 2008
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Did anyone go then?

Did you have a nice time?


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Tuesday 8th July 2008
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me and my mate went, didn't get there till 3 on saturday, got the cars checked fury was 92 db and the 12R striker went to 104 so had to be put back on the trailer banghead we had the hog roast and free beer all night....fair play to limelight
managed to get on the track sunday morning in the wet, by midday it was proper rain so we come home
It was a shame as i'm sure it cost a few bob to lay on a weekend like that and only a handful of people turned up for it


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Wednesday 9th July 2008
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I think that sums up the feeling of most people who were there. As a concept, the event was brilliant, with two circuits, a quarter-mile sprint, autotest and loads more going on (including a free bar, food and live music in the evening). Most people felt that the fact the public didn't turn up in bigger numbers was a shame rather than a reflection on the event. Obviously, the weather didn't help - each day began with proper soak-you-through-in-five-seconds downpours that went on for ages. It seems staying in the watch the Grand Prix and Wimbledon was more appealing given the conditions.

What surprised me the most, though, was the feeling amongst the exhibitors. Usually, a show with low attendance is a surefire way to make them unhappy, but this time there was a real belief in the concept of the show and a determination to help make it work. The industry felt more 'together', and therefore stronger, than I've known it in my eight years as a kit car journalist.

Building a new event from scratch is always risky, but I think Speed on Wheels is a great concept and I only hope it can continue and grow in the future. Can we have some sunshine next time, please?


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Wednesday 9th July 2008
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For me Adam it was simply one show too far. I only have a certain number of weekends free and I'd used up a lot recently.
It was very tempting and had the weather been better I might have stretched the Libra's legs up to Leicestershire on the Sunday. If it happens next year I'll be there whatever the weather. Promise.