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Sagaris Register

Enter the year of build and last four digits of the chassis number, where possible.
Some have had many registration numbers and damaged/written off and reappeared with new reg no.s in different colours. So a few errors are likely.
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VIN number make up
SDL- TVR manufacturer identification
S- Sagaris
A- First Variant
1- Engine code
6- Speed six engine
A- -
6- -
5- Build year (ie 2005)
B- Always B
00- Always 00
1###-Build number starting at 1000 during that year of total TVR production

If you prefer, just email the details & photos to me VARLEYHYD

Speed Six Technical Help Web Page Link

Launch Day


Chatsworth 2009

Development Sagaris
Made from a T350, with front and rear grafted on.
Note seams run between the bonnet and wing, with T350 rear side windows and open slats-taken in Dec 2003. Dismantled for production patterns & destroyed.
Birth of the Sagaris Story

|| |
MPH'03 Launch Video from 11/12/2003- Song Video

Sagaris-Racing Green- TVR Sagaris Best Video

Factory Photos
|| |
This is the one that went off to Holland No. 4., Production shells and early scrap RT models seen outside with Open Louvres, most sold for GT Racers on Factory Closure.

|||...The End

1. PN05 OUL
Chameleon Orange
TVR Press Car
Mr Orange

Top Gear Test Video
5th Gear Video

2. PN05 OUX
Known as 'Mr Blue'
TVR Press Car - Star of 'Grand Tour Europe' Video
Auto Express article March 2005
AP 350mm Rotors,Bells with 6 pot Calipers
Mijtec Chrome Orange
Top Gear Stig Test Video starts at 6:10mins

3. PN06 TJY
Cascade Indigo
ex Ciceley-HL Gorner

4. 06-SX-PP
previously PN06 EJC
6#1121 Chameleon Orange
LHD-in Holland
| |
Europart Promotion Video

5. AL55 TVR
5#1399 Arancio Pearl

6. T666DLH
Regd July 06 Dark Fantasy
LivingItNow Don Hastie

7. FJ06 OJK
5#1372 Arancio Pearl
4.3 litre, CR Box, 3.73:1 diff, Blue printed and built by STR8-Six
Speed Six Web Page & Workshop Manual Link

TVR Power 450BHP RR Video- Wokingham Rolling Road Video- Croft Trackday Fun

8. S6 AXE
Arancio Pearl
Number55 Sharon Blanchard

9. GX55 KMO
6#1000Grigio Titanio
In Belgium since Oct 2010

10. GX06 EFB
Tahiti Blue

11. GX05 EYK
Moonraker Black
PH fairclp owned since june 2007

12. JS05 SAG
Spectraflair Silver

13. R55 OND
Reflex Purple
on sale at HHC June 2007
No Image

14. GX05 BJV
5#1090 Aztec Gold
No Image

15. B1 LYL
Previously PF05 AMO
TVR Press Car Rear Facing Exhausts

Glamorous Video from Motors TV

16. PO55 BKE
Nivea Blue
@may2010 on its way to Austria Zeppo

17. FA05 YZT
No Image

18. KX05 BSO
5#1118 Grigio Avlon Gun Metal-special order
Mick Hancock

19. X11 PBM
previous 505 BY & LK05 PXO
5#1053 Iced Titanium
san008 Peter Milne

20. M 13LNT
previous LK05 GMO and C10 ARC
Formula Red
Goodspeed- Mick Blunt

21. YJ56 TTO was also RE 5065
Arancio Pearl

22. ??????
previous was N15H GT, T12 SAG, X1 WSD - Last sold to buyer in Ireland.
Red Glow Pearl
ex ph-Nish

23. RX55 APU
Metallic Black
Ex Ownerhairyaardvark-David Richards
Racing Green Simplex timing chain conversion, CR box with 3.91 final drive,Quaife ATB diff,lightened flywheel,OMEX ECU,alloy radiator

24. RX55 FKN
Current owner unknown. Previously owned by JxT and Toobin
(Ex-Racing Green Engine Development car)

25. SK06 BWM
Chameleon Orange
3.9 Diff-CR Gearbox Str8 six 4.3 ACT
Ex owner maxx-waxx
Ex ownerTwonk!
Ex ownersibo99 nice spec this one!
Ex owner Amos Roney

26. F11 SAG was on WA05 FXJ & R100 KET
Reflex Charcoal
3 Way Nitrons , GTSTRSIX .430R engine spec.
Ex shaunsmith
[7 TVR current owner]

27. VX05 JKK
Iced Titanium
at Henley TVR March 2007

28. ??55 ??? was T1 VVA
Nebula Black reflex 06/55reg
CR Box, 3.9:1 diff
July 2010 part of Wheeler family collection.

29. SA54 RLS
05 March Arancio Atlas
4.3 STR8 Six, CR Box, Quaife ATB, 3.73 diff, 88k miles

30. G7 PCR was WA05 FXF
Chameleon Orange
Launch Day car-with History
Ex richtvr On sale Bespoke PC 23k mlies Mar2012

31. V800 MPH previous V6 JJS
Hexham Horseless Carriages July 2005-Iced Titanium
Now in Japan-3.91diff&CR,Nitron 3way with helper spring
Ex TVR_owner,V800MPH

32. J12KJR
previous E4 EWM
5#1253 1st Aug 2005 Laser Blue
Laser Sag

33. X4 MAH
previous P111 NKK & NK55 BKZ
Spectraflair CopperOnly Sagaris produced in this colour
eburacum previously pinkpanther

34. JB03 TVR
previous H1 ONP
5-#1278 Regd 1/9/2005 Identical to Press Car No.1 Chameleon Orange
Crimbo was Tangoed

35. PA05 JGF
previous K1 PUS
previous T666 SAG
Arancio Pearl
Launch Day car
HL Gorner Demonstrator-as seen on Coronation Street! & one of the Launch Day cars-
k1pus oct 2007 - May 2012
rhyspw May 2012 - Current

36. G2 OOD
Midas Yellow/Gold?
Exported to belgium Sep 2011

37. W400 BHP
Red Glow with Dark Grey Wheels
Robert NEALE 1st owner from april 2005 Exported to Japan Dec 2010 by Racing Green

38. KT55YJN, previously H1 FVO
Spectraflair Silver

39. T40SAG
previous FL05 VTW on front and FJ05FLW on the back, also on 2433 MH)
GTS Blue Pearlescent
Ex ownerJappo

40. DKL 998 was FJ05 KKF- was silver & CAT D

41. C11 FVE was LK55 MHZ
Cascade Indigo
clive f Ex ownerRochester TVR

42. RX56 XOL (Tbc)
Previous C1 DVB
3.73 Diff
Supplied by London Tvr
For sale at Racing Green Dec 2009
For sale at Fernhurst Nov 2011

43. T44 SCL
previously HIL 7067 & SIJ 214 & YD05 CDG
5#1226 Halcyon Midas Yellow
Ex ownerHilti John Hilton, damaged in March 2008,
mccraeJohn McCrae (personal car)
4.5 TVR Power, Ceramic brakes, 19" Jade-R hpi clear

44. was L1 0FF??
Red Bull Blue
Ex ownerL1OFF owned since Oct 2005

45. 525 PPA
previous S2 VVT
6#1024 Laser Blue supplied by HHC Mid 06

46. EY05 CKL previous K1 EFH & W4 RRD
Formula Red Pearl - Sold STR8-Six Apr12- now in Switzerland

47. GX05 LWY- now in Holland with TVRCC Holland Chairman
was on 'DA-TV-1111' in Germany
Reflex Charcoal
EVO Sagaris vs Marcos test
cantus from Dec 2010 ex Nervous ex DJC

48. EU06 BNN
Arancio Pearl

49. YJ55 SXK was XIA 455 & W11 TYY
Chameleon Orange
Andy Gray

50. GX05 JKY
Grigio Titanio

51. C4 SDW
5#1040 Reflex Charcoal
yanmar -Tony Wright

52. S14 GRS- For sale Oct2010 Hexham HHC- 17k miles
Rolex Blue

53. D11NNE
previous SA54 RJS
Chameleon Orange
written off September 2006
No Image

54. D8 DSV
previous V33 NOM and was Moonraker Black - now flip flop white TVR mix, with 4.3 str8six engine and ACT/JP big bore exhaust

55. S6 TVR
previous R60 DOM & PJ54 ZLK
4.5litre TVR Power engine Dyno 4.3l Research Video
5#1062 Moonraker Black
TVRPower Dom

56. LK05 HWS
regd 05/05/05 Gallio Fly Yellow
Ex Peter Smith Demonstrator

57. R33 SAG
previous GX05 EYR & 7 APM
Formula Red Pearlescent
3.73 Diff
ex owner bobd

58. VX05 HPL
last for sale at Newlun Performance May '07

59. 7 W 7 (Eire)now in Scotland @Mar10
Reflex Purple -1st Registered 2007
pacomcc Ex OwnerFunky

60. P8 DPE - Exported to Japan May2012
Laser Blue 1st Reg Feb 2006
GR1FF1F ex-owner

61. MC05 XLA
previous M400 OGL
Spectraflair Topaz
SAGgy chef Ex Owner Ben Davison ben d
supplied by HHC June 2005

62. LK06 EVU now BO55 SAG
Reflex Charcoal reg Mar 06
FactoryPilot 2008

63. YJ55 SXP
5#1374 Starmist Grey
Allan Danby(previous PH J9 MYY- mr sagoo)

64. Y6SAG previously LF05 WYM, & P17RKE
Red Glow Pearl
ray von from ST8Six Feb 2011


65. LF06 ULY
Red Bull Blue
Rio Prestige Fleet?

66. H5 RWL
From Hexham 6#1090
Bob Lewis


67. X1 DVP
previous GX05 ENN
Red Glow Pearl
written off in 2006

68. R400 SAG was PN06 UFM
Registered Aug '06, Red Glow Pearl, CRG & 3.73:1 Diff
cheeky (previously bobd, desolate)

69. PN05 OUF
Cosmos Blue
For sale Feb10

70. LJ55 ZZV
Estoril Blue
at London TVR in Feb 07
Ant and Dec Video

71. PN05 OUO
Iced Titanium
former London TVR Demo

72. PN05 KLO
Laser Blue (Registered June 2005)
JonRB owner since feb 08

73. XF05 BBG
Previous 3886 W 06 in france
Now in Kortrijk Belgium since Oct 2010
Giallo Fly Yellow
Shown at the TVR France Stand @ Paris Motor Show 31/03/2006 - RHD

74. PJ54 WNL
Sagaris RT model
| |

75. YP05 TVR
Castle TVR Demo
yellow peril

76. GM07 TVR
6#1076 Black
MKI with rear facing exhausts from factory

77. PO54 CVK
Built late 04 alongside No.123- Written off then rebuilt to differing spec.
Now in Switzerland?

78. GN-89-58
Dutch Registered (imported by Nimag)RHD Black

79. 17-TJ-LD - Now in Liège Belgium on FLY400 registration
Red Glow Pearl was in Holland -LHD ex-Nimag demonstrator-
one piece hinge bonnet[/thumb]|[/url]
Car gets fired up @ Amsterdam Autorai 2007 Video- PetrolHead Review Video

80. PO55 BKU
Mystic Black Pearlescent
Features in the PirelliFilm 'The Call'

link to film

81. DG 54GGY
previous X1 AMT & RX05 HZY
5#1084 Was grey now Spectraflair black
C/R box, 3.7 diff, FFF Mk2, Syvecs, full ACT airbox and exhaust.

82. 120 PE

Seen in this Video

83. OO05 UFO
previous VX05 HPK
Chameleon Blue Unique Colour
Ex ownerPharoah

84. PN05 OUJ
Rolex Blue
jeremy smith's old one
No Image

85. WX05 OJO
Red Glow Pearl
Ex David Hendry's Demonstrator
No Image

86. B29 TVR
previous WA05 FXO
Launch Day car
5#1026 Formula red?
Ex Peninsular Demonstrator
jasper gilder

87. EU06 BSX
2006 Rolex Blue
Car from Castle TVR

88. TD55 OFF
Paris Blue
last on sale at HHC APR07

89. WJ55 HGL
Cascade Violet
Madmatt V8

90. RX56 HHL
GTS Blue
Car on Rolling Road Video link
No Image

91. FJ55 ONN
Grey Metallic
last spotted Chatsworth 07

92. T50 CHN
previous B6 VOL
Chameleon Orange
noddy2 Sold March2011

93. Y1 CDW
Spectraflair Topaz
last spotted at Chatsworth 2007

94. PN05 OUK
First registered 5th April 2005 Silver
KillerJim Belfast, N.Ireland

95. CSB 504
last spotted at Chatsworth 2007

96. Y6 BAL
previous GX05 ENH
Spectraflair Silver
Ex (PH - Mrs Triple S)
No Image

97. T800 SHY (Ex VX56 JYP)
Spectraflair Silver

98. T55 SAG
Formula Green
Last for sale at Henley Heritage June 2007
No Image

99. duplicated see 26.

100. VX05 JKF
No Image

101. V13 ASH reg 1/9/05
5#1277 Orange for sale-Feb10
No Image

102. C1 OOR
Previous GX05 EYO
5#1009 Pearlescent Ithaca Verdi (Lime green)
Launch Day car-Threshold plate No.002/500


103. PO55 BKJ
No Image

104. T999 SAG
No Image

105. GT03 ROE
Previous V6 REC
Signal Red

106. PO55 BKK
5#1320 Reflex Charcoal, Str8Six 4.3, Nitrons, 19" Power Wheels, ACT Exhaust and Carbon Airbox

107. PG54 FUN
No Image

108. MD55 DDD
5#1108 First registered 1st September 2005 Titanio Grigio, sold to Munich Oct 2011, German registration June 2012.

109. S400 PCL
No Image

110. P8 ACK
Jaguar F1 Green
No Image

111. N1 ROU
n1rou Niro

112. DE 521TG
LHD - first registered in Italy May 07
Dec-09: Now on its way to Germany and will have new reg. no.
New owner Stefan Schreiber

113. PO56 HPK
MKII now in Romania ?

114. X8 TVR
Reflex Green
Ph- X8 Saggy?
No Image

115. S666 XTC

116. P666 SAG - Exported to Japan May2012
previous EU55 EYY
5#1265 Starmist Grey
cropsprayer Ex
previously philcerb

117. G13 NJH
Red Glow Pearl
East Mids TVRCC member
No Image

118. LK05 MKZ
Chameleon Green
For Sale @ Tvr Center Nov 2006
For Sale @ Walldonway Subaru June 2007

119. F1 SAG
Previous RX05 HZZ, SA54 RJS & W333 SAL, also been on RH05 HZZ in error
Jaguar F1 Green from Str8-SIX in DEC2010
mr lock pick Exfast eddie
| Had these pipes on in early life
Sagaris-Racing Green-Video

120. FJ55 OLG
Spectraflair Silver
Last seen at London Thunder
No Image

121. YL05 YEG
previous MAS 620
Starmist Grey
Exported to Australia
Ex TheArb
Current cinquecento

122. EU05 FDK
No Image

123. PJ****** Reg. withheld
The only Factory Pre-Production Prototype car
Candy (Candy Apple Red Pearl)
| |
Top Gear Video- Top Gear Unofficial Video

124. M3 WDK Previous HHC 111
Exported to Belgium then to France by Mille

125. LK05 HVU
Reflex Charcoal

126. N1 GWF
No Image

127. NK55 XAS
Previous X1 JPD
Manc Dwarf

128. EU06 BRZ
No Image

129. KX05 ANP
Formula Red Pearlescent
For Sale on PH
No Image

130. FJ06 OJB
Peter smith supplied- For Sale at Tony Gilbert Oct2010-15,300miles

131. K44 AGT
previous V8 PRN

132. EEZ 2600
Arancio Orange
No Image

133. VX05 UAD
No Image

134. YJ55 SXF
No Image

135. E1 FCG
Brilliant Silver
last for Sale @ The TVR Centre Sep 2007
No Image

136. D18 MCA
previous W7 JET
Metallic Steel Grey

137. RX55 YGG
5#1058 Chameleon Green
Sold at Peninsula TVR on 1 Sep 2005
Sold at Racing Green on 1 Aug 2009
Sold at Str8six on 28 Aug 2012

138. PN05 KLL
Grigio Titanio
Car now in Kortrijk Belgium owned by D. Lapauw.
Now owned by T. Hoste.
Imported by Mille exJo5eph

139. W888 JET

140. K6 VKD
Laser Blue
No Image

141. 59 DLR
Red Glow Pearl
Cat B September 2013 after 8 happy years.

142. L100 TVR #174
Reflex Charcoal

143. RX05 USS
Starmist Grey
No Image

144. J15 ERM
was GX07 GJJ?
Giallo Fly Yellow

145. 90710
Luxembourg LHD Import
Formula Red Pearl

146. YJ55 SYR

147. V6 KJF
No Image

148. SP55 HLY
previous JR2 & T1 VRR
5#1365 Aston Martin Titanium Grey
3.73 Diff Smoking Sagaris Video
Ex owner puckrup
Now in Geneva

149. T8 GYW
ex GY Wong FOR SALE AT Sebring Jan2011

150. EU55 EZA
Ciaran Moran

151. OAL IV 22
German registered
No Image

152. PE56 TXC
One of the last Factory Sagaris made, and has worn the S6 TVR publicity plate

153. NK05 XFL
Signal Red
No Image

154. MVH 18
Meteor Silver
No Image

155. GL05 TVR
Red Glow Pearl
No Image

156. VX57 OHW
now on Reg 9UU
7.0 litre LS7 powered
Spectraflair Silver
Ex-Capital Bank Car

SantaPod Video 11.1sec-129MPH

157. D11 SAG
previous HX05 ULH
regd 06/05 Mystic black

158. EY05 BNX
Previous MS51 LLE, MS51 ELE and L33 DGS
Featured in buying guide for EVO magazine July 2010.
5#1170 Cascade Indigo

159. R88PAC
previous GX55HOJ
Flyin Banana Rob Pack

160. PN08 UUL
now on '1 TVR' in Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia
re-launch car from 10th July 08 'by TVR Motors Company Ltd'
Launch Video

161. R4DD C
previous FJ55 BTU
5#1169 Laser Blue
supplied by Peter Smith Sep 05

162. D10 WKS
5#1164 Moonraker Black
Dowks on D10WKS, formerly dbvw on PN05 OUU
4.3 litre, Nitrons, 3.73:1 diff, currently in the care of Str8Six for upgrades

163. OU05 SVC
was on T500 TOY, also had 27 DEC, RX05 UST and L10 NDE
Jaguar F1 Green
Neil S

164. EU06 BPK
2006 regd. Lotus Chilli Red
cameltvr Mike Humphrey

165. GX05 ENV
now on W10 KED

166. W20 TVR
previous LK05 DZM

167. 637- Bahrain car was on reg.DH 133GP - Ex UK Garage car- Italy
Black LHD Video

168. X6 TMM
2005 05 Racing Purple
For sale at Racing Green TVR Dec 08

169. RX05 BYD
2005 05 Red Glow Peal
For sale at Racing Green TVR Dec 08
Now owned by D1ckie - June 2011
Written off Cat B 1st January 2013

170. N666 EKO
Previously LK05 DZN
Iced Titanium originally, now Copper Cascade. Upgraded to 4.5s 2013. Ceramic Brakes, 19" Jade R
Blueprinted/Nitron suspension/Sparco Seats + too many other mods to mention

171. T123 SAG
Cat C write off. Sold by Bluecycle 17/6/10 for £13,600
| |

172. FJ55 OML
Red Glow Pearl?

173. GX06 DVM
Sterling Silver
For sale Feb10 at Fernhurst

174.SP05 DDJ
5#1173 Meteor Silver? spectraflair Topaz?
was in Ireland until Mar10

175. GX55 DJF
5#???? Arancio Pearl

176. T1 VVR was RX10 FXJ
6#1086 Sassberry Red
4,3 litre from STR8-six supplied new May 10

177.VU06 OBZ
Arancio Pearl, Black hide, aircon. one-owner car until David Gerald sold it to MF Cars late Sept2010 @3400 miles new owner, S. Blomme - now on belgian reg. '1AUB624'

178. KE05 TKD
Jaguar F1 Racing Green
Looking nicely repaired Mar2011

179.M111 TTS was on DF55 VCJ & 2 JSN
5#1208 Nightfire or Laser Red? was Red Glow Pearl
Ex sean j g

180. 2005
5# 1143 Formula Red

181. LJ05SAG (was GK05 GPO) (Spectraflair Grey with full black/carbon leather)
1,9k miles in March 12 Tvr_owner MrsS

182. 55 TVR was RX61 LCO
Sagaris3 4,0litre supercharged at STR8-SIX
6#1113 Red Bull Blue
Built with careful attention to detail, with works wheels, big brakes, custom sparco seats, upholstery, Ohlins suspension a