Road Trip Planning Website Resources

Got a good website to help Plan a PH'er Euro Roadtrip then include it ....

Region/Country Name of Resource Website Comment
Alps Alpine Roads Info Good/Hard to follow
Alps Alpien Tourer Good info on some passes and some routes
Alps Ride the High Alps G Man Alpine passes in Google + Video
Alps Alpine Roads high mountain passes
Alps Alpine Roads high mountain passes, lakes and old rally stages
Alps Timmels Joch Legendary Mountain Pass
BlackForest/Vosges Mnts German/France Google Map of Roads G Man Roads to do
Black Forest Germany Black Forest Road info Black Forest Tourism Road info
German Alps Deutsche Alpenstrasse Brilliant road to Eagle's Nest (Hitler place) in German
Vosges Mnt Official Vosges Site Sightseeing routes
Europe Best Driving Roads Summary of good European Roads
Europe Best Biking Roads Great info on Roads
Europe Metzeler Maps Routes
Europe Michelin Route Planner Great sightseeing option on planner
Europe Europe Best Roads Best routes in Europe !!
UK Driving Roads Routes for TomTom
UK Motorcycle Roads Online UK biker roads
UK MotoGoLoco Maps Motorcycle route planner
Southern France Euromototours Good routes in the South France/Pyrennes
Southern France Auto Europe French Riviera Road Trip Planner
France MotoMag Best roads of France including GPX
Pyrennes Google Map Pyrennes Passes Pyrennes Passes
Romania Transfagarasan Road Topgear trip in Romania
Austria Grossglockner Alpine Road GrossG official site/Gerlos pass site
Italy Central Italy Routes Details on maps on Tours page