What happens to vehicles involved in crimes.

What happens to vehicles involved in crimes.



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Tuesday 11th April 2017
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Hopefully this hasn't been done to death already... and I know small details like this have little relevance in subjects like the tragic death of April Jones a few years ago..

I want to know what happens to criminals' cars. For example the vile Mark Bridger stuffed poor April in to the back of his Disco. Which I have just noticed is imported, very old, LHD and no doubt dodgy as fk just like him. DVLA say it's untaxed and no MOT (obviously! Due December 2012). Bridger bought the car on 3rd December 2010, car imported October 2010. I'm guessing this car is rotting away in a Police warehouse or been crushed. Deserved.

Rettendon murders. Numerous cars have been regd with the same number plate. No-one knows where the true car is; on the road or long since dead?

I guess it's the same story with fatal car accident involved cars. I don't know why it intrigues me.

Anyone got any info on what happens and any other details on cars involved in crimes? Not necessarily murder. I don't know why it intrigues me