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Friday 11th January 2002
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My father purchased this car in Italy for me after the end of its racing career. It had damage to the bodywork and was looking very sorry for itself. My intention was to bring it back to the UK and have it restored. Unfortunately I was young and foolish and didn't realise how much that would cost. After throwing a few thousand away on what the restorers described as "a scruffy old Italian car with no real racing history" dad persuaded me to sell it (I did at least make a small profit and bought an Austin Mini Cooper from the man himself) and it eventually went to the states. If I'd left it in a barn, unrestored it would have been worth around £4m at the height of the boom. Some you win, some you lose.
How heart-rendingly depressing! That would be on a par with losing a winning lottery ticket - very difficult not to spend the rest of your life wallowing in "what if?"

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