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tuning ford's 2.8 v6



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Monday 5th April 2004
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Six port heads aren't really worth it anyway, i've been reliably informed from a guy who was flow benched both that theres not much in it

will the rules allow you to switch to EFI Joolz? 2.8 granny EFI gear has a 6 port inlet fanimold so will overcome some of the breathing restrictions of the 4 port one, couple that with a decent ecu obviously. or triple webers? throttle bodies?

3.7 bottom end in the only real NA option, when ford preped the earily 4i's for racing the works team could only squeeze 230ish bhp out of the thing. hence why it was dropped and the used the xr4Ti from the states. Forced induction is the only way to get any real power and a damn sight cheaper than NA tuning too.

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Friday 16th April 2004
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Dunno if I can be much help, I've just followed advise from others, and read the book written by matey from California.

Anyway. I believe the 6port Granny intake ain't that much cop. I've fitted the 6port inlet manifold from the 2.9engine. Needs a little work to go on, like hacking out the thermostat housing and tigging on a plate to hold the water in, but other than that pretty straight forward. Fitted the 2.9 twin plenum too. Fitted the injectors from an XR3i, short Bosch mech inj. Had to faf around with o seals and rails to hold the inj's in, but pretty easy really. I've also shortened the 'trumpets' on the plenum, more to aid bonnet clearance than anything else.

Regards power, I've chatted to a few hillclimbers about this. Stock power is 160hp (Capri motor) on the nail. Dyno'ed and proven. However, if the valve clearances are set just slightly tight they lose masses of hp. Chap was telling me about his stock 1982 Capri (in 1982) and he took it in for a service and it came back a dog. Went straight to the rollers and found only 120hp. After two days on the rollers opened valves to book and voila 160hp. Same chap (hillclimbed and sprinted his Capri) then opened up the four port intake as far as poss (inc plenty of tigging)and power went up to 182hp. He also suggested fitting twin chokes as he reckoned it improved part throttle response. On the rollers they made no difference. He got upto 202hp.

Been told that the crop of fast road cams available don't do as they say, and scarcily increase power. Mainly increase overrev. I'm going to try a kent31 cam advanced by a degree or 6 along with some 11.5:1 comp Cosworth pistons I've got.



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Monday 14th June 2004
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hello im antony im 24 from somerset, i have a 4x4 xr4i 2.8 with a sprintex s102 supercharger on it, i was wondering if i can use the 2.9 engine and still use the same injection setup for the 2.8 as the supercharger's pipework is set up for that


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Thursday 17th June 2004
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scatman said:
hello im antony im 24 from somerset, i have a 4x4 xr4i 2.8 with a sprintex s102 supercharger on it, i was wondering if i can use the 2.9 engine and still use the same injection setup for the 2.8 as the supercharger's pipework is set up for that

To be honest I think you'd be wasting your money. If you found a way to make the inlet manifold fit you will need a new exhaust system, and need to use the 2.8 ignition system. Then when you have spent a fortune building it it will probably give the same power as the 2.8 after you have spent a fortune putting it on a rolling road.

My advice is to rebuild the engine with ARP rod bolts, then to verify that everything's working correctly on the rolling road.


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Friday 3rd December 2004
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I reckon the best way to tune Fords v6 cologne engine is to start with an Offenhauser inlet manifold and a good Holley 390 cfm 4 barrel carb.
But you have to be careful because the majority of these manifolds were built for the American spec cologne engine and will not fit the European spec cylinder heads.

The way to tell the difference is to look at the spacing of the ports on the inlet manifold:-
The European ones are evenly spaced and the american ones are not (two ports close together)

That is assuming you are lucky enough to find a manifold in the first place!

If you have the American 2.8 engine (from say a Mustang or Bronco) you can buy the inlet manifold new from a place called Racer Walsh but they cost about 200 + postage. But thats no good to most of us Euro boys.

Personally i would stick with the European block as the reports ive had the 3 port American heads are no better than the siamesed port european ones anyway.

I have just managed to get hold of an Offenhaiser intake from Germany (2nd hand cost me 230 inc postage)and am now starting a full rebuild of 2.8 with new cam / steel timing gear flowed heads etc.
Should get 200 bhp easy as the manifold and carb alone will add +15-20BHP on a standard engine.

Thats not bad horses for pounds.

If anyone knows here i can get a set of performance exhaust manifolds to fit mu 1979 granny 2.8 i would be grateful.



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Thursday 9th December 2004
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Hi Guys!,
for my sins I used to play with v6 Capri's and found Russell and Mark at Euro Engines in Purfleet Essex very helpful,I believe their workforce is mostly made up of ex Specialised and Power+ engineering mechanics/fitters.
As has been said so far with regard to power 200bhp is gonna be hard to crack but you can get much more torque for your money.I ran a 280 with a 2.9 crank, skimmed heads,Kent V6t21 cam and a slight overbore+.5mm I think .This gave about 3 litres and a tested 185 BHP with no mods to injection system,just a k&n filter and Janspeeds.This was really tractable and very torquey.That was with totally standard sized valves and no porting.With a more lary cam and some decent heads you'll have a real flyer!
Beware the 3.6/ 3.7 conversions as most are flat!


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Thursday 23rd December 2004
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Swaymar Engineering did a Capri using the 2.8 as a starting point, it used their 6 port heads and was bored to 3.2, this put out 260BHP at the flywheel and was not turbocharged (although a lot of special parts made up the engine)

I imagine this engine was mega expensive to build, Dave Martin who was Swaymar is the person to talk to if you can find him (Richard Stewart Williams - Aston Martin Specialists took over Swaymar and have the same phone number).If anyone finds Dave let me know as I need to speak with him!




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Saturday 15th January 2005
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no problem getting torque or power from your v6

my set up is forged rods and pistons to a 3 liter, CR ratio on 8:1
Turbo with 1.2 bar.
porsche k-jetronic and EDIS ignition
racing push rods and maxiflow heads (vulcan engines)
etc etc...

giving me over 300hp in my granny


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Thursday 20th January 2005
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Here is one fine 2.8 v6 twinturbo from Finland
There is 4 different "stages" of this engine.
The final stage (evo4moottori) has ???hp and 555Nm/3890rpm
I wonder how much that, stage4, has Hp if it has 290Hp in stage3.
Note the 6 port heads in this car.
...Sorry about my bad english...


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Sunday 17th May 2009
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I like to know were i can find a fast camshaft voor a ford granada engine 2.8 can you guys help me with it! Thanks

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