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iso 9001


Whitefly Swatter

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Friday 13th May 2011
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Any one had any experience as a Sole Trader with iso 9001????

minky monkey

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Friday 13th May 2011
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Yup, I had to have ISO to work as a contractor for various motoring organisations. I didn't actually put the manuals together, I got someone in to do that for me.

Then it was basically a case of keep on top of the paperwork, and get an audit annually.

Do I feel it brought anything of value to the business? Nope. The only thing it would've helped with would have been if there had been an accident and the HSE got involved. At least there would be a trail to show procedures had been followed.

Can't remember the specific costs, the audit was around £600 a year and the cost to implement it was about £1200 about six years ago.

We had a brilliant consultant who made the process as least painful as possible!


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Friday 13th May 2011
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Pretty common in certain trades I gather. I've only ever worked in large companies, who would most definitely be certified to many quality standards, but I do know a few sole traders that require it.

Jesus TF Christ

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Friday 13th May 2011
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I've written quality manuals/systems for a small engineering company. Personally I think it's all bks, but then a lot of customers require it. When I left my old company they lost the accreditation and 50% of their customers.
That learnt 'em.
If you have any specific questions I may be able to help.


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Friday 13th May 2011
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I'm responsible for ISO 9001 at a manufacturing company.

The sentiment is to ensure you have the procedures and resources to understand and deliver your customer's requirements.

The trick is not to get bogged down in bullst paperwork and use it to keep improving what you do. I think there are only 6 or 7 things that the standard says you "shall" do.