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Ford Kuga problems



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Friday 20th January 2012
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Hi all. I haven't started a topic on here for a few years, but I need some help please.

I purchased a 59 plate Kuga 2 wheel drive diesel brand new. It has just turned 2 years old and has been back to the dealership many times:

4 times with a recurring gearbox oil leak
2 times with a squeaky front passenger seat (I know this is a common problem)
just about to go back for the 2nd time with a recurring power steering intermittant error

The dealership have been terrific, but am getting hacked off with the constant inconvenience on a motor that is brand new.

I have now written to Ford head office, and asked for a new gearbox or an extended warranty on the current gear box, plus an offer to clean my block driveway. They have not offered to do anything on the gearbox, but have offered the cost of the 3rd year service towards the driveway cleaning.

This is scandalous in my opinion, but has anyone else had similar issues, and how did you manage to get it resolved?

I am seeking legal advice shortly, but I'd rather not have to go to this expense and aggro...but now it is almost a matter of principle.

Would appreciate your thoughts!


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Friday 20th January 2012
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Kuga's have a known problem with the gearbox's leaking I believe the fix is simply a differant filler plug & washer, I was led to believe this was only on 4x4 models but is defently worth looking into.

There is a Kuga's specific website if you google it smile