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Any one dropped out or cancelled?

Any one dropped out or cancelled?



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Wednesday 4th July 2012
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I originally want to to go to the Classic but had a work commitment which meant I couldn't. That appears to be resolving itself and it looks like I can make it. Far too late to book anything so I wondered if anyone had a member of a party who had dropped out.

I was hoping to get down on a bike but that doesn't seem likely (unless anyone on a bike drops out, of course). I am happy to drive or be a passenger. I know quite a few people going and can get into a campsite with them so you woouldn't have to put up with me all weekend !

The original plan was to leave on Friday morning from Poole but I could probably get away on Thursday evening and go from any Channel port.

Obviously happy to pay my way.

Alternatively I might just jump on the bike, get to a port (probably Portsmouth or Dover) and see if I can get on a ferry. Anyone had any experience of just turning up?

If I don't make it hope everyone who goes has a really good time. I will have to be patient for a couple of years.

I can be contacted at vfullagar@gmail.com or 07768 892715.

Many thanks.


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Wednesday 4th July 2012
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If it's just transport you need then why not take the train?

Get to London, Eurostar to Paris from there then 55 mins on the TGV to Le Mans.

That's what I'm doing from Brussels. It's quicker than driving and you can drink! biggrin


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Wednesday 4th July 2012
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Foot passenger to St Malo, easy walk to the railway station and easy train journey straight to Le Mans.
Camping can be bought on arrival. Easy. Mind you very early start to get the reverse train/ferry back.