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what about this?



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Thursday 5th July 2012
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I'm thinking about my first 7


And I would appreciate your comments on this one. I have 2 other cars so this will be just for weekend blasts, the occasional track day and a 20 minute drive to work on B roads on a sunny day.

I'm sure with just a 4 speed box this is not a motorway cruiser but the only time I would go on a motorway would be to get to a track day. I might even the odd sprint.

One final thing. How on earth do you keep the exposed suspension clean??!!

Crossflow Kid

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Friday 6th July 2012
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That looks the same as my car when I bought it. Nice, original spec, classic colours etc.
If that's what you want, go for it. Money seems about right and it looks to be a very clean car. Dunno what the red wishbones are all about.
The four speed box is a bit of a bind, even if you are only taking it to track days. On just a short M-way trip you'll think there's a leak in the fuel tank, and your ears will bleed too.
Cleaning the suspension is easy....wheel cleaner or similar and a bottle brush, then blow it all dry with an airline. Then every few years strip it all down, get it grit blasted and recoated/painted and put it all back together again.


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Friday 6th July 2012
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Yep, looks quite nice and good power (if the 161 is anything like real). For me, the motorway thing probably wouldn't be a problem. I always drive with ear protection on anyway and so you don't feel stressed by the revs.

For me I'm put off by unpainted ally. I hate polishing it. The other things which is again personal is the live axle. Reputedly the DD is better on the road with potentially the live axle skipping a bit. Obviously many owners have been (and are still) very happy with a live axle, but worth comparing with a DD 7 with a test drive before committing.

On the suspension, it just gets a wash with the rest of it (and re-powder coated every 10 years or so).



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Friday 6th July 2012
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I'm with BertBert. It doesn't need doing every couple of years - mine are 5 years old and just get washed with the rest of the car.