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Thursday 8th November 2012
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Some of you responded to my recent post on Porsche warranties, here:


So now the rest of the story...

I took my 997 Turbo in on Thursday and after a 111 point check I was told that I could have a warranty, but at the last minute (when they saw the rev range report) I was then told that I could not as it had revs in range 3, and it would therefore need an engine check first.

As they had made a bit of a mess of things, the rev report had not changed from 3 months ago, and Porsche had now changed the rules on me, the Dealer Principal agreed that they would do the checks at their expense the next day.

So I called back late on Friday PM, only to find out that they had not yet done the checks as the service manager thought that it was crazy to do a lot of intrusive work on the car he thought it didn't need. As a result he had pushed back on Porsche GB and was waiting for their reply. To say I wasn't happy was an understatement... I understood his point, but I still had no car and no warranty, I'd not been kept in the loop, and it was now the weekend. They apologised and said they would check with Porsche GB again on Monday.

I got a call back on Monday PM, saying that Porsche had confirmed that a RR3 indication would need an engine check, so they would do the work the next day. Late on Tuesday it passed the tests, and the car was returned to me on Wednesday, nearly a week after it went in, but complete with a 2 year warranty.

So how do I feel now? Well, in spite of some of the gaffs I think Wilmslow have been really good about this - for the inconvenience I didn't have to pay for the 111 point check and the engine tests (about 9 hours work in total), they gave me a nice 2012 Cayman as a loan car in the meantime, and they were sticking up for me when they pushed back on PCGB on the RR3 change (even though it was in their interests to do so as well). And I always felt that they were trying to do the right thing for me... which is important. So credit where it is due, OPCs get enough criticism but in this case I think they have treated me well.

And after 2 111 point checks, a Sports & Classic inspection and an engine check in a little over 3 months I have a very thoroughly tested 997tt with my ideal spec and that all important warranty.... so I'm finally a happy bunny.


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Thursday 8th November 2012
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Good to hear, it's reassuring to know that some OPCs treat their customers with a view to keeping them (us) happy...

Incidentally, I seem to remember the rules regarding warranties and the rev range thing change from country to country - anyone from outside the UK comment on this? And if so, how can it be a) legal, and b) enforceable in a courtroom?

I know that cars in the US have a 6 year (limited) warranty but in Switzerland it's only 12 months... Bonkers!


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Friday 9th November 2012
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That seems like a very fair outcome.

Incidentally a friend bought an RS from wilmslow and had nothing but GOOD things to say about them.


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Friday 9th November 2012
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I had a very similar experience with Porsche Bolton ( same group) who in hind sight stood up for me in the same way. Mind you in those days it was rev range 4/5 that sent Porsche GB into John Cleese mode. I however having bought two cars from them using my life savings in the process was a bit upset ( the biggest understatement of time).

I was incandseant and I am still glowing a bit now some two years on, to the point of will never buy another new Porsche again. The only reason I am still sat in one is the car is fantastic and I intend to keep it, especially as its being looked after by a fantastic independent now.

Does anyone know if Porsche are treating customers in other country's like this , I would love to know if the Americans would put up with this st !

ps: I was offered the warranty after the free checks but declined .