This Wiki is meant as a resource for people looking to understand what the real world outputs are for the Speed Six when modified.


Please feel free to add what you know. 24.09.13 Inspired by another members take on the figures, thought I'd add up graphs I could find showing the different curves, and hence power characteristics for people. 25.09.13 Data is transferred over to the Speed Six forum, as moderators have ignored the requests for the original thread to be moved. I hope this helps the Cerbera and Tuscan owners.

Member Car type Engine Size Modifications Output Rolling Road Date Dyno graphs
clive f Sagaris 4.0 GT cams RND,ported throttle bodies with thinned spindles, shorter inlet tract stainless steel airbox,custom injectors, lightened flywheel, decat, cross pipe, special exhaust. 417@7600rpm 340lb/ft@fly Kits & Classics(Joolz, dyno dynamics) Nov 2012
Don1 Sagaris 4.0 FFF, ACT airbox and exhaust,Syvecs 443.4@7400rpm 358lb/ft @ Flywheel SRR July 2012
Getsis Tamora 4.5 Power 4.5, Syvecs, ACT Airbox & Blueflame, RG racing cats 394.4@6700rpm 370lb/ft (408/372 de-catted custom exhaust) SRR (mobile RR) Dec 2011 (Dec 2012)
DonkeyApple Typhon 4.0 FFF, Syvecs 407.4@7700 340lb/ft @ Flywheel SRR Aug 2011?
jcpgasoline Tuscan 4.5 Power 4.5, ACT Airbox & Exhaust 392.9@6200rpm 369lb/ft@5000rpm @ wheels Power Dec 2011
VARLEYHYD Sagaris 4.3 STR8-Six 455BHP@6600 387lb/ft @ Flywheel Power Jun 2009
dvs_dave Tuscan S 4.0 Power 4.0, decat 361@7230 285lb/ft@5470 TDI@hubs Dec 2009
D14 AYS Sagaris 4.5 Power SS,Decat 418.3@7200 360lb/ft SRR Dec 2012
rmc T350 4.3 STR8-Six 411.81@6700 343.19lb/ft Power@wheels May 2010
ClockworkCupcake Sagaris 4.0 FFF2, Syvecs, injectors, Simplex Timing Chain, decat 405bhp and 344lb ft SRR Jan 2014
ceejay's race car / kits and classics T350R 3.6 airbox, inlets, exhaust, cam timing, total seal rings, light head porting, weber injectors, emerald ecu 395bhp flywheel 308lb.ft dyno dynamics at kits and classics may 2013
MrChips Tuscan 2S 4.3 str8six 4.3, carbon airbox and trumpets, decat, ACT exhaust 410.1bhp flywheel 339lb.ft Dyno dynamics at kits and classics July 2013
Jay964rs Tuscan 3.6 40.5mm inlet valves. 32.5mm exhaust valves. Different cams. Lightened/balanced crankshaft. Full rebuild with additional oil cooling. 364bhp/7000rpm flywheel 316lb.ft/5000rpm RND March 2014
EvoOlli Sagaris 4.3 Jason Clegg Str8Six rebuild, kitsandclassics ecu remap 420bhp 327lb.ft kitsandclassics dyno dynamics April 2014
billynobrakes T350 4.5 Power 4.5 414bhp @ 6750rpm 368lb/ft @ 5000rpm Power April 2014
Andy Pandie Tuscan 2S 4.0 Decat, ACT Airbox, Green Top Injectors, Power RR remap 370.4@6800rpm 315lb/ft @ fly SRR Oct 2014
gacksen T350 4.3 TVR Power 4.3 base rebuilt, Lloyd Specialist Developments CANEMS ECU conversion, custom wiring loom, fully sequential injection, coil on plugs, knock control, dual wideband lambda, additional oil feed to back of head, camshafts chilled iron RND ENG custom profile done by Kent cams, camshaft timing set to RND ENG specification, RND ENG GT Valve springs, RND ENG Redesigned Billet Finger Followers 360 degree oiling, big bore exhaust system by Lloyd´s, conversion and mapping done by Lloyd Specialist Developments LTD 465.8bhp 365.7 lb/ft Dastek December 2014
Incognegro Cerbera 4.5 Anti Knock MBE (with all trimmings launch/tcs/seq injection etc), ACT Decat/Sports tails, Ceramic coated maifolds & decats, Elec PAS 414bhp 392lb/ft Power Performance August 2017

For a direct comparison, RedSpike66's factory standard 4.0 Sagaris was on SRR only 15 mins before D14 AYS.

D14 AYS Sagaris 4.5 Power SS,Decat 412.9@7200 360lb/ft SRR 29th Dec 2011
RedSpike66 Sagaris 4.0 Decat, CliveF backbox 362.3@7000 305lb/ft@5200 SRR 29th Dec 2011

It should be noted that the SRR figures and the Power figures are within 1 bhp of each other - as shown by the only 4.5/Syvecs car. This thread shows screen shots demonstrating this. It is unknown about other dynos thus far. Therefore we can conclude that the number that Power gives 'at the wheels' are the same numbers that SRR gives 'at the flywheel'.