Wooden Pergola/Covered lean to ideas

Wooden Pergola/Covered lean to ideas



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Tuesday 24th March 2015
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I've decided to convert an area behind my garage into a decent patio/hard standing, and need to sort out some kind of covered area as i'll be using it to keep my 2 motorbikes. I've had a quote of £850 (labour) to build a lean to around 4m x 4m in size which sounds ok.

As this will be joining onto the back of an existing garage, the starting ridge height is already fairly low say around 2.5metres. Obviously we'll need a roof of some sort so i'm thinking of keeping it simple with a polycarb roof so it's still very light.

Anyone done something similar, or have any nice design ideas?

These are the kinds of thing I like:

However nothing i've seen of this design has a roof. I don't think there's enough height to do a decent roof such as this:

So, would using one of the first 3 types of design work, if a small amount of pitch was introduced along with some polycarb roof panels? I don't like the wavy/grooved ones so i'd be looking out for any decent quality plain polycarb ones?

Any design ideas people want to share?!