RE: ?100K Garage: Mark Mason

RE: ?100K Garage: Mark Mason

Wednesday 17th May 2017

£100K Garage: Mark Mason

A 4WD Mitsubishi you won't have seen before, a classic Corvette, a lovely Lotus and more for Mark!

Name: Mark Mason
Previously owned: Audi S3 Quattro, Audi TT Quattro Roadster Mk1, Vauxhall Astra SRI XP Turbo, Vauxhall Astra CDTI SRI
Currently owned: The wife's Fiat Punto Twinair and a Specialized road bike for me to commute to work!
On the shortlist: Volvo V40 Polestar, Audi RS3 Sportback, Volkswagen Tiguan

UK:Lotus Exige S
Balance: £60,011
Why I chose it: "Best of British? Just look at it - wow! This would be my toy, the car for countryside blasts and weekend breaks with the better half."

Rest of Europe:Volvo V60 Polestar
Balance: £29,016
Why I chose it: "I've also yearned after a fast wagon that can cover most if not all bases. To me this is the hottest wagon of them all (in the price range), and stands out from the usual choice of Audi or BMW.

"All-wheel drive makes it an all year driver, the interior is plush enough with all the toys for long distance driving with the family, a daily driver or for business, and the noise from that 3.0-litre straight six when pushed is amazing. Plus the exterior styling and stance are spot on."

Japan:Mitsubishi Jeep P-J53
Balance: £20,121
Why I chose it: "A fun choice here and not the usual choice from Japan!

"I love these old school jeeps and this one looks in fantastic condition with a great colour combo. It would be great to use for trips to the local beach in the summer, towing the jet-ski and throwing a cooler in the back. Or maybe a bit of light off-roading to find that great picnic spot, with the land owner's permission of course..."

USA:Chevrolet Corvette C3
Balance: £6,621
Why I chose it: "I've always loved Corvettes and the C3 in my opinion is one of the better styles - definitely an American muscle car! This would be a project car for me to gradually restore. I'd also end up using it as a summer cruiser. I would probably end up changing the paint to a darker colour to give contrast with the interior."

Germany:Volkswagen Polo GTI
Balance: -£3,859
Why I chose it: "Something for the wife, but also a car I wouldn't be ashamed of nipping out in. Small for parking and town driving but also fun to drive - looks pretty good too."






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Wednesday 17th May 2017
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wouldn't have the volvo, for sure

Steve Col

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Wednesday 17th May 2017
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Good Garage mate. I've actually got a Lotus exige 350 and a Mitsi jeep J53. The jeep is brilliant fun but getting spares is a nightmare. I have to get spare parts from Japan. I've only ever seen one other on the road other than mine. Corvette C3 is on the bucket list


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Wednesday 17th May 2017
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Excellent garage! Love the Lotus


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Wednesday 17th May 2017
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Not a bad 104K Garage!


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Wednesday 17th May 2017
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MrJSeb said:
Not a bad 104K Garage!
Good point.
I had to swap out Corvette and Mitsubishi due to first choices being unavailable and somehow forgot about running total when emailing back to Matt :-(

Cheaper Polo GTI's are available so still could be done - oops!



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Wednesday 17th May 2017
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Been wondering for a while - for purposes of these rules, what country do Euro Fords come from?


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Wednesday 17th May 2017
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I've spent a bit of time delving into a C3 Corvette recently - it's in for electrical and vacuum issues with the headlights.

It's fun to watch people's reaction to it in particular, EVERYONE notices it.

Of course we all owned one as a HotWheels/Matchbox at some point and this one has the much nicer chrome ring/hubcap wheels like these

It also has white-lettered "Indy 500" tyres - it's very-much the US MuscleCar - must have looked like a spaceship when they first arrived (72?)

Worth bearing-in-mind that the standard engine has just 190bhp (from 5,2l) - in-period 0-60 in 6.7 was scorching but some family TDs will be keeping-up with it now (and they do corners too!!)

I'd post a pic but I suspect owners wouldn't thank me for posting their cars without asking


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Thursday 25th May 2017
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You lost me at "jet ski" - a gentlemen would never go near one....they are moving targets for my cliff-top driving range.