RE: Lancia Delta Integrale: Pic of the Week

RE: Lancia Delta Integrale: Pic of the Week

Friday 1st December 2017

Lancia Delta Integrale: Pic of the Week

An Integrale splashing its way through Kenya and onto your desktop in a Lancia birthday wallpaper special

It's not every week that there's an opportunity to celebrate the anniversary of a marque as iconic as Lancia, so it's a chance we won't pass up. Following on from Richard Webber's blog earlier this week, it only seemed right to dedicate our Pic of the Week slot to the 111-year-old Lancia.

But what to feature? Lancia's history in road cars is rich and varied enough as it is before you even consider the racers. It had to be something motorsport-focused though, if only because the chance of a more exciting image was greater.

And would you look at what LAT has served up. This pic is from the 1991 Safari Rally, with Juha Kankkunen in a Delta Integrale. All the best rally pics have a water splash, don't they? Best of all though, Kankkunen went on to win the rally with co-driver Juha Piironen, and indeed, following another four wins, the 1991 WRC title. One of a host of Lancia rally successes that we could have chosen.

And that's the - oft repeated - issue with Lancia, isn't it? Seeing any manufacturer sink into mediocrity is sad, leave alone one like Lancia with such enviable heritage and success. Let's hope that, one year soon, its fortunes turn around.

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[Photo: LAT Photo]
[Source: Wikipedia]


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Friday 1st December 2017
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Friday 1st December 2017
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Through my mothers job in the booze industry I was lucky enough to get a Martini Racing calendar every Christmas from '85 till mid '90's.
Lancias in Martini colours were the cars of the moment. The Rallye, the Delta S4, then the Integrale. Those photos capturing excitement, lunacy of the spectators, bravery of the drivers, and general rawness of it all. Lancia will forever be THE BRAND for me.
The photos from the aftican rallies were always the most beautiful.


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Saturday 2nd December 2017
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Didn't a genuine works car sell at Silverstone this year for around a quarter of a million quid? (that's what a PHer told me.)