RE: Alpine A110 GT4: Geneva 2018

RE: Alpine A110 GT4: Geneva 2018

Tuesday 6th March

Alpine A110 GT4: Geneva 2018

Wanna go racing against McLarens, Porsches and AMGs in GT4? There's an Alpine for that!

Well this is an exciting development. Seemingly not content with creating a one-make A110 Cup racer, Alpine has now upped the ante significantly and created this: the A110 GT4.

Developed in conjunction with Signatech, the A110 GT4 is described by Alpine as "the ultimate expression of the A110's remarkable agility and track-bred performance". For now we don't have specific numbers for the GT4, only the promise increased engine power and aerodynamic downforce compared with the Cup. That car makes 270hp, while there are (admittedly heavier) GT4 cars making more than 400hp, so it'll be interesting to see where Balance of Performance leaves the Alpine in the power stakes.

What we do know for now, though, is how the GT4 looks. And isn't it fantastic? Wheels right up in the arches, carbon everywhere, chunky brake discs and some proper aero, too. A GT4 Clubsport is nice as mid-engined junior racing cars go, but with this now around...

Apparently a small number of A110s will race across Europe in the second half of this season, with full production scheduled for 2019. There won't be a factory effort, but all customer teams will be supported by Signatech. And the best news? Those racers with an A110 Cup who fancy an upgrade can do so with their existing car, as a kit of parts will be available meaning they won't have to buy a separate vehicle - jolly good. Fingers crossed a few more details will emerge from the Geneva show floor - stay tuned!









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Tuesday 6th March
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The GT4 class is getting really interesting I really enjoy watching the Pirelli World Challenge races. this is another welcome addition to the ranks.


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Wednesday 7th March
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More competition is always good.