RE: Shortcut to Goodwood: Time for coffee

RE: Shortcut to Goodwood: Time for coffee

Wednesday 11th July

Shortcut to Goodwood: Time for coffee?

Getting to the Festival of Speed can be agony. Or ecstasy. Depending on the way you go...

Gawd bless Red Bull, eh? It might taste like fizzy Benylin, but it's the rocket fuel found behind many a funny anecdote and is probably only partly responsible for the cheery, goose-like fattening of your liver. The fact that it is priced to make Shell V-Power look cheap has also meant that the brand comes with a marketing budget that puts men into space. A bit of tomfoolery on the way to Goodwood then is no problem at all.

Said tomfoolery features Elfyn Evans - WRC pedallar and all-round nice guy - on his way to the start line at the Festival of Speed (the in-joke being of course that Lord March's annual shindig is harder to get to in the mornings than Stalin's funeral). Thus we get all manner of hat tips to the West Sussex countryside and the charms of En-ger-land.

Moreover, there's the Ford Fiesta WRC spearing through the lot of it - and if the horseplay is all a little too much for you then certainly feel free to cut straight to 2mins 45secs in just for the pleasure of seeing Evans gracefully skirt the masonary of a 400-year-old wall to enter the grounds of the great house...




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Wednesday 11th July
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Very good. Also, I watched it whilst actually having a coffee. Many thanks.