Any ex TVR employees with Griff/Chim assembly knowledge?

Any ex TVR employees with Griff/Chim assembly knowledge?



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Friday 7th September 2018
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I am always interested in how things are built, and especially so with cars. I was wondering if there is anyone on here who worked on the TVR assembly lines during the Griffith and Chimaera period that could run through the build process? I know some owners had factory tours too, so maybe you could contribute?

I am specifically interested in the final assembly of body, trim, electrical and chassis build up. I would assume that the chassis, suspension, and complete drivetrain (engine/gearbox/diff) was assembled to a bare chassis, along with fuel and brake lines. Were parts of the wiring done too?

Body assembly - Body painted, then assembly begun? Wiring harness first? Was the fusebox connected to the wiring first then installed or wiring installed then the fusebox and the two married together? Heating/ventilation system? Or were parts of the dash assembly and ventilation assembled as a sub-assembly off line then installed? When was the windscreen installed in the process? Brake and clutch master cylinders? Wiper system? Doors built up as sub-assemblies off line with window frames and wiring etc?

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Friday 7th September 2018
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I had 3 factory visits in '98, '00, and '02, but they were always in May as part of the "Back Home" annual meet, so therefore on a Sunday when the factory wasn't producing.

Found every visit fascinating, but couldn't honestly give any accurate response to your queries, sorry


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Wednesday 12th September 2018
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rossybee said:
I had 3 factory visits in '98, '00, and '02, but they were always in May as part of the "Back Home" annual meet
Likewise 98,99,00. As friends with the Events Sec, I sometimes did two, to act as tail end Charlie, to help our hosts. It was interesting how the different presenters put a different spin on things, M. spending a lot of time in the laminate shop, his work area, others from sales in the trim or paint area.

The factory did reorganise in the this time, with final assembly changing from two line round the outside of the area to the 6 (race) tracks. Which by 2000 had Cerbera and Tuscans (?) in the mix. The TVRCC site has a copy of the 2000 factory tour brochure in their archive section. John Tipler and Roger Shackleton have sections in their books. (TVR and Griffith). Shackleton expands on the 2000 brochure.

The chassis was jig built, in sections and final chassis assembly I think included brake pipes. With fibreglass the process was little different, the whole body was laid up in sections left to harden, released and then the "flash" removed. The bare body would be mated to the chassis to cure, then painted. There are pictures of the unpainted body/chassis curing in the yard. As TVR allowed one to have any colour, the doors, bonnet were painted at the same time, and why there was a chassis number on the inside of the door. Across the main "drive way" was the assembly area. Upstairs was the leather and wiring shop, where I think the looms were built. I think the windscreens were installed late in the process, to allow access. I'm sure the engines/gearboxes were fitted here, they came up from Coventry (TVR Power).

Or just try You Tube (Old Top Gear - A young Clarkson & Tiff)