RE: Goodwood Revival 2018: PH Photo Gallery

RE: Goodwood Revival 2018: PH Photo Gallery

Tuesday 11th September

Goodwood Revival 2018: PH Photo Gallery

Need more Revival reminiscing? Good, us too! See the PH photo best bits here

You've watched the livestream, seen the highlights, and perhaps even daydreamed about owning your very own classic racer, so now we're putting this year's Revival coverage to bed with our glorious Goodwood gallery.

You know what it's all about by now: extremely rare, incredibly beautiful and hopelessly expensive cars being driven with the bravery, ferocity, and at times reckless abandon for which they were designed. From instantly recognisable icons like the Jaguar E-Type to more curio entrants like the Lister Coupe, and from the flyweight Mini to the lumbering Mercury Cyclone, the variety of entrants is positively breathtaking.

Add to that the sight of the cars, body work stripped and engines in pieces, being tuned, prepped and repaired in the paddocks, and the whole thing is practically petrolhead heaven. To round things off we've assembled a few of our favourite snaps from this year's event for your - and our - enjoyment. Members' Meeting can't come soon enough!

Photos: Tom Howarth/Dafydd Wood




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Tuesday 11th September
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I didn't make it this year but after watching the live stream, I'm going to go next year for sure.


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Tuesday 11th September
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I love that people are willing to risk damaging these crazily valuable cars by racing them properly. smile