RE: Goodwood Revival 2018: Pic of the Week

RE: Goodwood Revival 2018: Pic of the Week

Friday 14th September

Goodwood Revival 2018: Pic of the Week

Last one, promise; but who wouldn't want Aston, Jag and Ferrari like this on their desktop?

Unless you live in an area with very poor communications, or work full time down a mine, you will be aware that last weekend the legendary Goodwood Revival took place. This is an opportunity for like minded car, bike and plane enthusiasts to slip into their period outfits and get as close as it's now possible to envisage motorsport as it was, in the good old days.

Our pic of the week this week features three breathtakingly beautiful cars: a Ferrari 250 GT SWB/C, an Aston Martin DB4 GT and a Jaguar E-Type FHC. Like the Revival event itself, this is the closest possible reenactment of such a spectacle we have captured in a still. And to be honest; that's why it's our Pic of the Week. It's a snapshot back in time - capturing the competitiveness, emotion and flare of 1960s racing. A vision so familiar, and yet so different from what we call motorsport today. Choose your resolution below and get downloading now!

Quad HD

Max Berry



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Friday 14th September
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Ha-ah, ageless classics! Already on the desktop!


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Friday 14th September
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fantastic pic, proper cars

on my pc now, thanks cool