RE: Ford Mustang GT500: Pic of the Week

RE: Ford Mustang GT500: Pic of the Week

Sunday 20th January 2019

Ford Mustang GT500: Pic of the Week

More than 2,100hp in a three-car image? It must be Pic of the Week!

Excuse a little juvenile excitement about the Mustang GT500 if you will; the combination of that much performance potential, that aesthetic and that noise in a Mustang does rather get us going. Oh sure, it will never come over here, and some will never be happy about the automatic gearbox, but the promise of a GT500 that will actually deliver - as opposed to the rather half-baked previous generation - is a mouth watering prospect.

Therefore it only seemed right to dedicate this round of Pic of the Week to the mightiest Mustang, even if the Supra is arguably of greater significance to the fast car world. Who's fussed about the 340hp car, really, when there's one around with more than twice that?

Moreover, there's a level of menace about the GT500 which America really does seem to do best. Throw in nice lighting, and it's everything you could hope for in an atmospheric muscle car shot. It's even a little more original than the burnout option that was also considered.

It's downloadable below in the regular formats, and expect plenty more on the GT500 in the coming months - the exact power output still has to be confirmed, don't forget...

Quad HD



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Sunday 20th January 2019
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On our congested roads I'd rather sink my money into one of these than some mega bucks 2 seater ,loads of road presence and amazing exhaust tone comfy too .

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Monday 21st January 2019
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Huge fun, in a ‘borrow rather than buy’ sort of way.


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Friday 25th January 2019
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Fantastic in the flesh.. although probably cheaper to build your own, If it’s performance you’re after.

There will be such a mark-up on MSRP at the dealerships and then resale will be valued against the base selling price, it’s not a money maker. Front end looks great, side and rear is standard 2018 model.
No Under the bonnet showings at NAIAS, but they did have an engine on display.


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Friday 25th January 2019
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Ford obviously took their time in releasing this much anticipated Brute to make sure it was done right and not something mediocre to rush to market for sales. This Baby will produce and inject enough Venom to kill any "Demon" And Administer a "Blackeye" to any "Redeye" For Sure!!