RE: Mercedes SLS AMG Black Series: Pic of the Week

RE: Mercedes SLS AMG Black Series: Pic of the Week

Saturday 4th May

Mercedes SLS AMG Black Series: Pic of the Week

A superb driver's car with an unforgettable engine. Photogenic, too...

As unimposing as its codename was, those of us who’ve had first-hand experience of the M159 6.2-litre motor won't forget it in a hurry. Violent and thunderous, the V8 was evolved from the brilliant M156 to power the most capable SLS produced by AMG: the Black Series. Beyond the devilish vocals, 631hp at 7,400rpm - fuel for anyone's fire.

So dominating was its character that the car around it might have been severely flawed and still we would have saluted it. But the SLS Black Series was – and still is by today’s standards – a superb driver’s machine. One that inspired real confidence.

This, of course, makes it a fitting PH Hero – and the upcoming subject of Dan P's second video for PH. To whet your appetite – and appease our need to stare at the SLS Black Series all afternoon – we’ve dedicated Pic of the Week to the Right Stuff. Having organised beautiful spring sunshine for our drive in the Black Series along the English south coast, we thought it only the right thing to do. Help yourself…




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Saturday 4th May
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This for me is an infinitely better driver's car than the amg gt. It looks and sounds fabulous, handles like a big mx-5 and the steering is not bad for a merc. With the loooong bonnet I always feel like I'm sitting on the trunk whenever behind the wheel of either one of them but I can forgive that in this thing. Not the case with the gt.

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Saturday 4th May
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A "standard" original SLS AMG is my ultimate dream car. that V8 noise licklicklick

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Sunday 5th May
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Still screams “Safety Car” to me, but this is one of the last great naturally aspirated engines - sadly something that’s very much reflected in their used values.

They’ll not be building anything like this again.