RE: Lister Knobbly | Pic of the Week

RE: Lister Knobbly | Pic of the Week

Sunday 8th September 2019

Lister Knobbly | Pic of the Week

Lister's continuation car has taken sixty years to reach your desktop

Lister's re-emergence as a low volume sports car manufacturer has to rank among this decade's more interesting automotive stories. Prior to 2012 the brand name was essentially defunct, and (to the layman at any rate) associated mostly with the mega-engined Lister Storm that deservedly found fame in the mid-nineties.

After 2012, the firm - including the Cambridge-based George Lister Engineering component - was acquired by Lawrence Whittaker, he of Warrantywise repute. Deep pockets are certainly no guarantee of success in the fickle minefield of Britain's cottage car-building industry, of course, but the new owner has proven himself remarkably sympathetic to the brand's long heritage - particularly its 1950s heyday.

It helps that Whittaker was a fan before he bought Lister, and his long-standing affection must have been the crucial component in the decision to restart production of the famed Knobbly. What started as an anniversary wheeze has matured into a significant continuation car; all-new and - most importantly - able to adhere to the rules for both historical racing and road-legal status.

With a dry-sumped, 3.8-litre six-cylinder engine, it makes for a compelling option and the offer to drive a turn-key example out of the new Lister Classics dealership in Blackburn was just too good to miss. Dan P had the pleasure of going along, and we'll bring you the video soon enough. For now a taster - gift wrapped as Pic of the Week.




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Sunday 8th September 2019
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Wow wow wow. Really looking forward to the video!