RE: Facelifted Mercedes-AMG E63 Estate spied

RE: Facelifted Mercedes-AMG E63 Estate spied

Monday 23rd March

Facelifted Mercedes-AMG E63 Estate spied

Wizard-king wagon due in 2020; will keep powerhouse V8

Next year will see AMG introduce a hybridised turbo four-cylinder powerplant for the C63, but the larger, pricier E63 is set stick with tradition by hanging onto its twin-turbocharged V8. Saloon and estate versions of the facelifted model - the latter in development form here - will receive design changes particularly at the front, but for the next few years at least it'll be a V8 where it counts.

That being said, it's likely that the engine will continue with its current output; where the normal and S variants produce 571hp and 612hp respectively. A few years back we might have speculated about an incremental improvement, but with the pressures of WLTP to content with, the priorities have somewhat shifted during mid-life updates. Expect AMG's engineers to do be doing everything they can to maintain the current level of performance while adhering to the limits - the same ones that have ensured the deletion of four cylinders from the E63's little brother.

As for the car's aesthetic changes, this is set to be quite a significant update because the whole front fascia of the E-Class and its AMG performance variants is changing. Spied test cars show that Mercedes has simplified the look, completely ditching the previous design language with lights and a grille that take clear influence from the A-Class. Saloons have been seen with widened taillights, but the spied wagon test cars have stuck with more familiar features.

The updates as a whole are intended to bring the E-Class range into line with the CLS, meaning the tweaks to the tech will mirror the newer kit provided to that swoopier model's cabin. A design which itself is based on that of the E-Class, just with the very latest software. So there's a decent amount of new stuff to look forward to, although for the most part, it's the continuation of what is already great that we're happiest about.



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Monday 23rd March
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Not a jaw-dropping update, but it will be the class-leader in it's sector, no doubt.


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Monday 23rd March
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Always wanted one of these. Glad they kept the V8


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Monday 23rd March
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I personally wish Mercedes would make their cars look different from each rather, given the diversity of models in their range, it's ironic that they all look the same!


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Monday 23rd March
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Yes please! I have always been an Audi Avant man myself, but this generation of AMG Touring is the first I might choose over the Audi!


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Monday 23rd March
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Good news that it gets to hang on to a V8!

On the flip side, Mercedes will be in shock when they fail to sell their 4 cyl C63 in the same numbers as the current one. They should have gone to 6 cyl. It's too extreme to chop half the engine in one refresh.

They will be in the same situation where Porsche was, losing sales to rivals because the boxster/Cayman 718 had 4 cyl engines. This is the only reason the GTS 4.0 exists.

At least Audi will happily sell RS4's to C63 customers!