911 Carrera 4S unmarked "Police" car

911 Carrera 4S unmarked "Police" car



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Thursday 9th November 2006
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Spotted between J11 and J10 on the M4 yesterday at around 10:05am

I'm posting it on here because the lights and the driver didn't look right.

So, anyone know more details? Do Thames Valley Police have a Black 53 reg 911 or was this a cheeky man using fake blues to get people out of his way!?


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Thursday 9th November 2006
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There is a black Murcie in London that has police two- tones fitted. Get's people out of the way alright, but surely only a matter of time before he's pulled?.......Looks fun though!


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Sunday 12th November 2006
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Hi all

Well in reply to the original posting and several questions regarding Carrera. I have made a couple of calls to Roads Policing who cover the M4.....they do NOT have that vehicle.

Can I suggest who ever saw this car pulling people over they call it in on 08458 505 505 for information.

Or in the case of this thread, sighting...cheers :-)

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