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Rolls Royce Silver Cloud I 'Hooper' Empress

Rolls Royce Silver Cloud I 'Hooper' Empress



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Monday 19th February 2007
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I have just been offered one of these and know nothing about them, am calling on the world of PH's to help me with thier knowledge of all things Rolls Royce!

Thanks Guys and Girls,


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Monday 19th February 2007
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The chassis and running gear will be no more or less of an issue than a regular Cloud 1/S1. With a car like that, it will all be down to the condition of the coachwork and interior.

Sorry, not much of an expert when it comes to coach. Can tell a Mulliner from a James Young from a Freestone & Webb etc etc, but thats about it.

The BDC will be able to put you in touch with an expert if you want it giving the once over.


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Tuesday 20th February 2007
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I thought the Empress was mainly on the MKVI/R chassis, although I guess one could ask Hooper to build to your request. The North Wales dealers have a MkVI version for sale, and a "standard" Cloud.

See www.realcar.co.uk

Dad's MkVI is a Hooper bodied car, but is their so called Sports Saloon. It has a low roof line.

Anyway the Hunt House www.rrec.co.uk/website/index.asp could be a good start as they have many of the factory records.