OK so given Android phone increasingly popularity here's a list of key Android Apps taken from various threads here and elsewhere.

Would be interested to note any comments, v1/v1.5 compatibility, additions etc

[sadako] Can topic be changed to read "Essential Android Software for G1, Magic, Hero/G2 Touch" please?

[cj_eds]Would be nice to see this list formatted instead of a random list of names? See the iPhone and PC freeware threads for example. Especially as Android grows in popularity and more people can recommend apps and widgets. A bit more organised and we can maybe get a sticky for the thread too mods?
Feel free to sort out any you've previously added and feel free to change the headings I've made because there might be far better ones!

Been adding in this format:

Name free/price Description, inc weblink if not on Market

or in wiki formatting!
|| Name || free/price || Description, inc weblink if not on Market || 





Games & Entertainment

Name Cost Updated Details
New Star Soccer Paid navigate your footballer through his career and into greatness
FindWord free solves crossword puzzles for the weak of vocabulary
Light Racer free Light Bikes. Fun from Tron.
3D Light Racer free & paid 3D Light Bikes. Fun from Tron.
Snake free Snake game
Abduction! free demo/paid Platform/tilt game
Dice free dice roller, shake phone to roll dice
DroidDice free dice roller, can do assorted tabletop gaming dice
Gensoid paid Mega Drive emulator
SNESoid paid Super Nintendo emulator
Pac-Man free Classic arcade game. Use trackball, accelerometers or touch screen.
Robo Defence free & paid versions Great desktop tower defence game, very addictive, worth paying for.
Solitaire free "Patience" card game
The Schwartz Unsheathed! free Light Saber emulator
Throttlecopter free Simple helicopter game
Traffic Control free & paid Guide aircraft to land at the airport without any mid-air collisions.
Zombie, Run! free Sets a route in google maps complete with converging zombies to avoid
Andoku free Great Soduku clone, with a great novel method of input.
Angry Birds free Use the powers of the Angry Birds to destroy the pigs’ fortified castles.
Droppa free Remake of the sega classic columns, made by a PH'er
Rocket Bunnies Free Fantastic little game, easily as addictive as Angry Birds. Tap planets to guide your bunny from one orbit to another, dodging mines, spiders and black-holes along the way.
Cut the Rope Free & paid Cut the ropes to feed Omnom with candy
Missing Vowels Free & Paid Fnd th wrd wth th vwls rmvd!
Hill Climb Racing Free Very addictive motoring challenge
Space Agency Free Build rockets and complete missions. It's a lite version of KSP, and a lot of fun

Music, TV, Film

Name Cost Updated Details
A Online Radio free Shoutcast/Icecast internet radio player
Feersum TV Guide free UK TV listings
Squeezer free Control Logitech Squeezeboxes on local wifi.
Doggcatcher paid Podcatcher/RSS reader
Car Cast free Podcatcher designed for in car use
Shazam free Find artist and song name by playing unknown music to phone
DoubleTwist free Music Sync Uses iTunes Lib www.doubletwist.com
Last.fm free Syncs with Last.fm account streams music over 3G and Wireless.
Andronos free Controller for Sonos Multi-Room Music System

Social Networking

Name Cost Updated Details
facebook free Facebook
Exfoliate for facebook paid Facebook Wall/Photo/Like/Comments History Cleansing
fBook free Facebook
Twidroyd (nee. Twidroid) free/paid Twitter, with paid pro version
Seesmic free 28/10/2016 Twitter client with a full feature set (no longer supported)
Hootsuite free Multi-Platform social media client (FB / Twitter etc) with paid features available

Sports related

Name Cost Updated Details
Live Score Addicts Free Live football scores for over 300 leagues worldwide
Espn Goals Free highlights for premiership games
Motorsport Calendar Free Lots of motorsport calendars all in one place
Le Mans Live Timing Free & Paid Live Timing App for WEC and Le Mans races
Le Mans Visual Guide Free 1/7/2016 Photographs of every car together with driver line up and entry narrative
WEC App Free + Paid for content Live Timing, Video and more although some is paid for (subscription) content

Email, Instant Messaging and Internet Relay Chat

Name Cost Updated Details
K-9 Mail free Email client with more features than built in one
Meebo IM free Instant messager with all commonly used services
fIRC free IRC client
Android IRC paid IRC client (a bit better than fIRC)
IRC Radio free Converts IRC into speech, and plays through speaker
WhatsApp Free free cross platform messaging service
Viber Free Free calls over VOIP
HTC Mail Free (on HTC phones) 27/10/2016 I really like this mail App on HTC phones - works well with Exchange and Out of Office settings etc

Tools & Utilities

Name Cost Updated Details
0870 free turns 0870 numbers into their direct dial equivalents using the noto0870 website
Adblock Plus Free Block ALL adverts on your phone.. especially ones in free apps
Astrid free To-do list program with reminders and widget etc
aTrackDog free App to keep your apps updated, even if they didn't come from the market
Bedside free Bedside clock, also silence and other utilities for night-time use
Better Keyboard paid Replaces default keyboard with more finger friendly one
Bubble free A spirit level
ColorDict free Free Dictionary & Thesaurus program
Finance free Useful for monitoring live stocks
Flashlight free Turns phone into torch
FlightRadar Free Live tracking of airplanes flying above
Flynx free Browser, let's you open links in apps without leaving the app, floating pages. Info here
GoSMS free SMS handling app. Highly customisable, skins, individual notifications etc
KDE-Connect free Full phone and desktop integration - notifications, file transfer and keyboard mouse control
LED Light free Turns on LED light for torch
Metal Detector free Metal detector, uses compass sensor
Notepad free Another useful notes taking app.
Nuntius free Phone Notifications on Gnome desktop
OI Notepad free Simple Notepad application.
Password Pig free/£2.49 Simple, secure password store. For Android, iOS, Mac and PC
Pushbullet free Android & iOS phone notifications and replies to desktop, also send messages, links, files to other Pushbullet devices
Record It paid Send remote record commands to your Sky+ box
StopWatch free does what it says on the tin
Tricorder free Outputs phone sensors in the form of a Star Trek Tricorder

Phone management utilities

Name Cost Updated Details
AppManager free application backup
Astro free/paid File manager, also can back up apps
Juice Defender free/paid Helps to preserve battery life
Linda File Manager free File manager, easier to manage files than Astro
Locale free Changes phone settings depending on conditions such as time or GPS location
Missed Call free Allows you to customise reminders for calls, missed calls and texts
Power Manager Pro paid Add power profiles to phone and toggle GPS etc when charging etc
Ring Toggle free Useful app to switch on/off sound or vibrate
Rings Extended free Allows you to set MP3s as ringtones
Screebl free/paid Use with Locale to switch apps on or off depending on angle of phone
Tasker Paid Automate Everything!
Timeriffic free Set times to Automaticly turn on/off Ringer / wifi / bt / ETC
Useful Switchers free App to allow you to switch on/off Wifi, 3G etc.
Wallpaper Set and Save free Convert pictures to phone wallpaper

Networking utilities

Name Cost Updated Details
AndFTP free FTP client
Sipdroid free Allows Internet Phone calls over wifi (or 3g if you have Web&Walk Pro) to SIP phones
Connectbot free SSH/Telnet client
PdaNet free Use your Android phone as a tethered modem on your PC
WifiAnalyzer free Displays Wifi's in range and strengths, channel use etc

Camera, Video and Augmented Reality (overlaying camera view with computerised information)

Name Cost Updated Details
SnapPhoto free/paid Photo utility with more features, paid pro version
Google Skymap free Augmented reality: Overlays the camera's view of sky with starcharts
Wikitude free Augmented reality: Overlays camera view with information on local points of interest


Name Cost Updated Details
ShopSavvy free Scan a barcode and it finds the cheapest on-line price
Compare Everywhere free Scan a barcode and it finds the cheapest on-line price
Pkt Auctions Ebay free Control and search eBay auctions
Amazon App Store free Another app market, but they give a free paid application every day
RedLine Free scan the barcode and find the cheapest prices on and offline.

Travel & Motoring

Name Cost Updated Details
Compass free Digital compass
Google Places free Finds stuff local to current position (pubs, cash, petrol stations etc)
CoPilot Live paid Turn by turn satnav
GPS Status free Use GPS and Compass to give long/lat, heading, etc
GPS Speedo free nice simple speedo, with Average & max speed with distance
My Tracks free Great GPS route plotter, for driving, walking, cycling
GPS Logger free Low-power GPS route logger
TubeStatus free Status of the London Underground. TfL forced them to remove the map.
iNotam free Notam web-app for UK sport aviation - http://i-notam.appspot.com/uk48wr
Clockwork AutoLogger free/paid Car performance, g-meter, 0-60, lap timing, dyno, data logging and playback etc (1.5 onwards)
aCar free Car servicing and fuel usage logger. Can also be set to remind you when oil needs changing or tyres need checking etc.
RAC Traffic free See where traffic problems are and get a description
The Motorsport Calendar free Lists dates for national and international race series
Torque Free Diagnostic and real time data tool for most cars. Useful forums at http://torque-bhp.com/ (Requires OBD adaptor which can be found for £20 on ebay)
RaceChrono free GPS Lap Timing, data logging, graphing. Useful for track days, cycling etc. Also logs OBD2 data when used with adaptor


Name Cost Updated Details
Bluetooth OnOff free Useful widget to turn on/off bluetooth in one touch
Wifi OnOff free Useful widget to turn on/off wifi in one touch

Utilities for Root users only

Name Cost Updated Details
Wireless Tether free Allows you to tether a laptop to internet using wifi or bluetooth
Swapper free Allows you to put a swap file/partition on the SD card
AppsToSD free Allows you to run apps from the SD card if your rom does not already do this
Screenshot free Takes screenshots


Bar Control
Caller ID
Contact Owner
Female 2 Male Dictionary
ITN Mobile
Labyrinth Lite
Movie Finder
Night Clock
Noise Alert
OI Update
Places Directory
SMS Popup
Teradesk e-Storage
Terminal Emulator
Toggle Settings
Voice Recorder
Lookout Mobile Security

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Just one to add; Carrom 3D snooker and pool. The best $1.99 I've ever spent smile