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Focus Mk1 vs Mk2



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Monday 15th June 2009
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Hey guys, I currently own a Mk1 Focus, im looking at getting a Mk2 (pre-facelift), however my parents had a rented Mk2 for a week whilst on holiday and they said it was not as spacious or practical inside as my Mk1. I was just after any info from people who have had expirence with both of these, i.e. front space, rear leg room and boot size? is there much difference between the two?


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Thursday 18th June 2009
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the mk 2 focus is a much larger car than mk1 the only think that is less is the rear roof line it slops back more in the mk2 reducing the head room in the back over the mk1
i did have mk1 focus rs and now have the mk2
hope this helps phil


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Friday 19th June 2009
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MK2 feels more solid and grown up. Not as fun to drive due to extra weight and more grip but still a very good car. Some have more boot space than others though as a full size spare seems to raise the boot floor where one with space savers have a deeper boot.


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Tuesday 23rd June 2009
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where on holiday did they drive this focus? if it was america then i would say it is because they get a far inferior spec focus with awful interior plastics amongst other things, a friend just got back from there and said they are shocking compare dto the uk cars, apparently they are built in mexico.

also cars in different countries often have different suspension setups due to varying types of roads.


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Wednesday 1st July 2009
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I've had both for about 90k miles in each. Mk1 definitely the more fun to throw around. The mk2 is more refined and grown up. Bullet proof reliability on the mk1 - the only non-service item was the gear lever centering spring going by the time it hit 107k. The mk2 was great too apart from the 1.6TDCi engine which was made of chocolate...but I blame that on the french biggrin