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Monday 26th October 2009
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I was going through some drawers at my dads at the weekend, and came across an Oriosa watch. I've had a little trawl around the net and can't find too much out about them. I gather they were Swiss and made in the 50's-70's. I'm under no illusions that it's worth anything, but it was with a watch that was my late Grandads, so I suspect it was his from (possibly) the 1950's.

I'm not sure how long it's been lurking in the drawer, but I gave it a wind and it's kept good time since. I think it's quite an attractive watch.

Does anyone know what the model may be, or any other info?

Here's a pic:

The watch it was with was a a Smiths Empire, which Dad reckons was the first 'proper' affordable watch in the 50's:

Again, I know it's not worth anything much, but I think it's another really nice watch. Even if its tick is fecking loud!!

The thing that strikes me about both, is how small they are compared to my modern watch. I think I may get a couple of straps for them and wear them on an occasional basis. Being an old motorbike fan I quite like the slightly distressed look, so they suit me down to the ground! Does anyone have any recomendations for suitable straps?

Quite a nice find as I was only looking for a pencil sharpener to steal smile