RE: First view: The Aspira F620 hand-built supercar

RE: First view: The Aspira F620 hand-built supercar

Tuesday 15th December 2009

The Aspira F620 hand-built supercar

Aspira Cars gave its new Aspira F620 Supercar its world-debut, exclusively at the PistonHeads 2010 show. No more than 10 models of the exciting low-volume, hand-built car are expected to be produced in its first year.

The Aspira F620 is a raw, unforgiving and uncompromising supercar that certainly doesn't blend into the background, and is any performance car fan's dream machine.

With a multitude of options offered to the customer, each model is personalised to each customer's taste, making every F620 unique. Its standard 6-speed H pattern gearbox, mated to its V8, 538bhp 6.2-litre engine, can be upgraded to a 6-speed sequential or a 6-speed paddle shift transaxle creating an exhilarating driving experience.

The car also boasts such creature comforts such as air-conditioning, traction/launch control, power steering, electric mirrors, video and sound system, and exclusive bespoke leather trim.

Managing Director of Aspira Cars, Henry Nickless said, "It's been a real challenge to create something that is both extreme and usable within the ever-increasing compliancy issues. Our goal from the offset was to finish the car to a very high visual and mechanical specification where the end user will feel comfortable and confident. We hope customers will appreciate the balance between the out-and-out rawness of the car and the usability and creature comforts provided."



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Tuesday 15th December 2009
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An Ultima right?


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Tuesday 15th December 2009
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Looks to be built off the RCR SL-C chassis. I like this design better though. Seems they used difusers on the back to produce downforce and the SL-C uses a big wing. But unless you look very closely they are just about identical.


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Sunday 20th December 2009
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the Aspira does have a wing also - just not shown on the pics - nothing like the SL-C though.

Will be fixed on car for show I do believe


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Thursday 14th January 2010
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This looks great from the company's website ( under construction )
Has anyone got a picture of the show car at the PH Show ?


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Thursday 14th January 2010
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Hi there,

The Aspira F620 was not at the show today. They had got a stand which was unstaffed and empty apart from a sign on the wall saying the car will be arriving on Saturday.
Bit of a clanger missing press day if you ask me but hey ho.




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Saturday 16th January 2010
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There on friday .