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How can I find out how much a business was sold for?

How can I find out how much a business was sold for?



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Monday 12th April 2010
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I own a flat in a block of flats that was until about 18 months ago managed by a small one man band who subsequently "sold out" to a management company.
Since the transition, the charges have started to increase, whilst the service has got to the point where to quote an email I sent yesterday, If I were to be turning up as a prospective purchaser in my block, I would turn around and drive away again.

The "one man band" apparently in addition to selling out, got himself a cushy little number working at the management company along with a large payout.. I would dearly love to know how much... would this information be in the public domain anywhere?


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Monday 12th April 2010
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How is how much he got paid out any of your business? If you dont like the management of the block, take it up with the management company or move out... Wasting time trying to find out how much someone sold up for will get you absolutly no where even if you do find out.


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Wednesday 14th April 2010
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Unlike residential property sales, the sales of businesses (sales price) are not reported in the public record, so unless you know someone who was connected with the sale and they (accidently) spurt it out (and even then it could be heresay and more than likely incorrect), you have no chance. Sorry, but I have to agree with the previous posted reply.... It's really none of your business what (if anything) he got for the business. He may even have done a deal for very little, having swopped his company for shares and a position with the larger company, securing his own more stable future.