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Steering wheel chatter - what except wheel balance?

Steering wheel chatter - what except wheel balance?



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Wednesday 30th June 2010
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Car's a 987 Boxster if that makes any odds.

I've recently had my wheels refurbished and when I collected it and gave it some beans on a straight bit of dual carriageway there was a noticeable "chatter" at around 60-65mph. Basically if you let go the steering wheel the car would go dead straight but the wheel would be jiggling a little.

I've had this once before when I had two new rear tyres and they rebalanced them and it went away (different place), so back I went and they re-balanced them, though they were adamant they were within limits - no real difference.

I work at a proving ground so one lunchbreak some of our guys took off the fronts and re-balanced them (they were out), but no difference. They also noticed some crud/powder coat on the "spigot" which they removed, and put some copper grease on as the wheels were apparently very difficult to remove.

Due to time they only had chance to look at the fronts, the plan is to let them look at the rears tomorrow, but planning for the worst, if that doesn't cure it, any ideas what on earth it could be?

It seems more than co-incidence that it's only happened when the wheels were refurbished.