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Cooker Heating Element Problem - HELP !

Cooker Heating Element Problem - HELP !


It's fixable...

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Tuesday 24th August 2010
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Having a problem with our cookers main oven...

Cooker came with the house when we bought it some years ago; came home from work last week and SWIMBO is complaining that oven is not working.

Isolate power and take out oven heating element, which can clearly be seen to have got very hot in one area with the casing split and evidence of metal spray.

Think OK just need to replace that, order new one which arrived yesterday and got it fitted last night.

Heres the problem, as soon as I switched on the power to the cooker at the wall the element started to heat up, irrespective of the oven switch position, inluding off... WTF ?????

Thinking that something had gone wrong inside the thermostatic switch I've been inside here, but no visible damage....

The thermostat probe looks like it got a bit hot when the element failed, but otherwise no obvious damage, not traced all the wires yet, or checked any other electrickery boxes inbetween switch and element and not checked any of the wires for continuity yet.

I'm just a simple mechanical engineer and seek advice from the PH massive about where to go next with this one...

Cooker is "Stoves" manufacture, model 050565016, serial number 20405982, http://www.gdhaonline.co.uk/Stoves/AccessoryDetail...

Thermostatic cooker control switch is marked Invensys EFG205 16A 240VAC 13-15FEB02 T150 (UL T122) 08 23593 00
and judging by the label attached to one of the wires, appears to have been replaced about eight years ago.

After a brief surf last night I'm tending towards ordering this set of replacement parts http://www.ransomspares.co.uk/parts/cookers-hobs/1... but including the element this means I'll have chucked more han a oner at the problem without being sure it'll be fixed...

Sorry for long jackanory post, but any pro-active replies gratefully received...


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Tuesday 24th August 2010
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Logically, the thermostat does not seem to be the problem because it should be out of circuit when the oven is off.

Which points to the oven switch or a PCB, the switch may have fused contacts inside or the PCB may have a fused relay on it.


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Tuesday 24th August 2010
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When the heating element went in my oven it took both the switch and the thermostat with it.


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Monday 12th January 2015
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Hi I have a stoves Oven 050565016 with the same fault as your post back in 2010. Did you fix the problem and if so could you help me with this same fault please .Thanx Tonymaloney


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Monday 12th January 2015
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pretty certain that model wont have a pcb and assuming the original poster wired the element up correctly (maybe explains his absence) it will be the thermostat faulty, probably welded the contacts when the element blew. Not always an easy change on a Stoves either. Often involving a mod kit that comes with a complete set of knobs for the whole cooker.