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Peugeot 107 - Gearbox Problem??

Peugeot 107 - Gearbox Problem??



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Tuesday 18th January 2011
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I have been using my girlfriends 2005 107 this week as I am inbetween cars, however this morning half way into my commute it became a real challenge to engage gears 2 - 5. It will go into gear with some effort but there is some resistance and almost a slight crunch. If I match the revs when changing down to 4th it will not engage without grinding. The car has done nearly 40k miles mostly round town use until now. Could it be a worn clutch? Or maybe a synchro/selector issue? Gearboxes are always something I have taken a wide berth of, so I know very little about them. Any advice would be great.


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Sunday 17th July 2011
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Did you have any luck with this? My Wife's car has the same problem...


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Monday 18th July 2011
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Sounds like it could be the clutch if the car has done mainly stop/start driving as you say 40k (have had 2 similiar instances with customers cars at my works) gears were crunchy, clutch was replaced and problem was solved hth


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Thursday 21st July 2011
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Clutch releae bearing go first? Happened on the GF's Aygo. Not a mechanic, but I believe you'll hear a clicking in neutral if it is the the release bearing.