£100K Garage: Mark Benzie

Name: Mark Benzie
Previously owned: 1991 Nissan Sunny, 1972 MG Midget 1275 RWA, 2002 VW Golf, 2004 Audi S4, 2008 BMW 125 Convertible
Currently owned: 2008 VW Touran, 2015 VW Touareg, 2015 Mini Cooper S
On the shortlist: Porsche 911 Carrera (997 Gen 1)

Porsche 911 (997 Gen 2)
Balance: £60,005
Why I chose it:
"A 911 is my dream car and the 997 the ultimate evolution, without incurring the risks of earlier water-cooled cars or the cost of the earlier air-cooled models. As well as being the ultimate German car, with its roots laying you know where, this one would be a keeper."

Aston Martin DB9
Balance: £25,155
Why I chose it:
"The UK category is difficult. My £100K Garage would have a car for all occasions and therefore have to cover 4WD, a cruiser, something sporty, a city car and a classic. So while the Discovery 4 is likely to be unbeaten for a long time in terms of practicality and comfort (and a damn sight prettier than its replacement), I can't pass up the opportunity to have a full-on Aston at this price. A bargain, and plenty to choose from.

Rest of World
Citroen C6

Cost: £5,995
Balance: £19,160
Why I chose it:
"Having missed out on the Bentley as a long distance cruiser, and with the budget tightening, this category is likely to provide the best bet for a motorised armchair. Our annual continental trips through France mean I've always had a soft spot for a Peugeot 607 but they look a bit bargain basement as soon as they cross the channel. So the only choice here is the Citroen. You'll be unlikely to see another on the roads, even in France, so in it goes."

Jeep Cherokee
Balance: £14,165
Why I chose it:
"Do I have to? Can't I get another from the Rest of the World? A classic Fiat 500? They're part American now, anyway. If I have to pick American lets tick off the 4WD. At least it'll be a rare sight at Hampshire cricket matches, and I won't mind it getting dirty going to the dump."

Toyota GT86
Balance: £1
Why I chose it:
"Simple, rear-drive fun, a lot like my old MG Midget. It was a close call between this and the appreciating Honda S2000, but it's the ability to have fun at lower speeds that appeals. Overall I'm very pleased with this selection. A shame I couldn't find a classic among them, but in time they all will be (apart from the Jeep). No city car either, but the GT86 is only 419mm longer than my Mini so should be able to squeeze into smaller spaces. A pound change, too!"




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Comments (18) Join the discussion on the forum

  • darkblueturbo 20 Mar 2018

    That's a great garage.

    Not sure what I'd chose instead of the C6 though. Maybe a bit of a shed-like A6 of whatever vintage fits the money bill.

  • matty1980 20 Mar 2018

    I have always enjoyed the £100k garage articles - this one too; but I must say this garage bears absolutely no resemblance to anything that anybody with 100k to spend on cars would buy... Well, apart from the ubiquitous 911.

  • anthonysjb 20 Mar 2018

    Think the series has gone a bit stale with the whole different nations thing. Much better with freedom to choose anything.

  • Turbobanana 20 Mar 2018

    anthonysjb said:
    Think the series has gone a bit stale with the whole different nations thing. Much better with freedom to choose anything.
    Agree, but everybody just ended up choosing hot Audi estates which got a bit stale too.

    Bizarrely I was thinking only this morning that I hadn't seen a "Garage" for a while, and here it is! Perhaps we should try "choose from whichever country you want, but only one from each" instead. (ie one from Germany, one from Italy etc).

  • WCZ 20 Mar 2018

    would rather have something with a tad more performance tbh

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