Ford GT production run extended to 1,350

It appears that not even Ford expected demand for its GT to outstrip supply by six to one, because when the Blue Oval brand launched its supercar, it intended to make just 1,000 examples over four years. But having now recieved around 6,000 orders, it has decided to add a few more to the run. 350, to be exact.

Ford will re-open the GT application process from November 8th, before picking its new, additional customers from the list by determining who deserves one most, like it did with the first production batch. Factors include whether they'll actually drive it, so that means zero-mileage car collectors should be excluded, praise be.

The expansion of the production run may annoy some early GT buyers who've been bragging to their mates about having one of only 1,000 GTs on the planet. But, by and large, it'll make almost no difference to the scenario, because there'll still be around 4,650 unhappy customers with no GT to look forward to. And that's not including any additional people who have more recently developed a GT itch.

It is, at least, a great success story for the GT, which is unashamdly a Le Mans racing car first, road car second. It's been so popular out of the box that Ford's class win at the 2016 Le Mans 24 Hours with the GTE version has probably had less of an effect on sales than predicted. That the car looks and performs so excellently, thanks largely to its aerodynamically-motivated bodywork, is probably the better explanation.

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Comments (17) Join the discussion on the forum

  • WCZ 18 Oct 2018

    doesn't seem quite as cutting edge as it did imo

    people seem to have waited forever for theirs!

  • Leggy 18 Oct 2018

    Why turn away 4000+ customers? Unless they make a loss on each?

  • IanJ9375 18 Oct 2018

    Leggy said:
    Why turn away 4000+ customers? Unless they make a loss on each?
    Some reading for you, might help you get your head around it -

    The perfect number to make of any car is N-1in reality

  • Maldini35 18 Oct 2018

    Got to be good news this. I certainly want to see more of these out and about.

  • CitySlicker 18 Oct 2018

    This has become the norm for all manufacturers & their halo cars. They need to cash in on the frenzy despite the market being on the way down.

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