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Tesla Full Self Driving: Time For Tea?

We know the autonomous driving technology exists, but actual real-world use? Prepare to be amazed...

By Matt Bird / Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Credit where it's due to Elon Musk, he has woken up a seemingly complacent car industry. Firstly that was with the viability of electric vehicles, and now it's in autonomous driving technology. Because whether you want them to or not, the possibility of cars driving themselves without any intervention looks eminently achievable, as this video suggests.

Now, of course, Tesla will have chosen a route that its car can comfortably tackle, and they're not the first to do it, though the car's adeptness in dealing with on ramps, junctions and traffic (the latter which can't entirely be planned for) is remarkable. Certainly the car's discipline and adherence to the rules shames some of the drivers also seen in the video, as it seamlessly passes from one road to the next.

There was no additional information with the 'Full Self Driving' release, Tesla seemingly happy to let the video speak for itself. And why wouldn't they be? While there are still many years of legislative and moral wrangling before self-driving cars are launched in the real world, the application of the technology is incredible to watch. Particularly if, like one YouTube commenter, you view it in quarter speed to fully appreciate what the car is capable of. What on earth will they do next?

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