McLaren 720S Nordschleife lap: Time For Coffee?

While Nurburgring lap times are nothing new, seeing a McLaren lap the Nordschleife is pretty significant. That's because, while McLaren does use the track for testing, it has famously never published a lap time - even when the P1 was rumoured to have lapped in less than seven minutes.

So here we have a standard 720S at the circuit everyone has an opinion on, running a Pirelli P Zero Corsa tyre (i.e. something less sticky than the Trofeo R offered on the 600LT, or Michelin's Cup 2R) and sportauto's ever-entertaining Christian Gebhardt behind the wheel. The conditions could hardly be better, the lap set in the late afternoon of a June day (why it's taken until now to be published we're not sure) and the driving as near-to-flawless as ever.

The result? Are you sure you want to know? Last chance to look away now... The 720S lap time is 7 minutes and 8 seconds, or 7:08.34 to be precise. In the sportauto rankings that put the car ahead of an AMG GT R (7:10.92), 488 GTB (7:21.63) and Corvette Z06 (7:13.90), but behind the Huracan Performante (only just though, with 7:07.99), and the two Rennsport Porsches - 7:05.41 for the GT3 RS and 6:58.28 for the GT2.

Various theories abound in the comments about just why that is, with tyres cited as the chief contributing factor. Still, that close to seven minutes on a 'regular' tyre is nothing to turn your nose up at, and makes for a video well worth watching. Bring on that faster, lighter, grippier Longtail...


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Comments (52) Join the discussion on the forum

  • theRossatron 12 Jan 2019

    Can we just start being proud of Mclaren please? thanks guys

  • Todd Bonzalez 12 Jan 2019

    That's a pretty heroic lap. Doesn't look easy. Love it! biggrin

  • MDL111 12 Jan 2019

    that is quite impressive, wonder what it would have achieved on the Trofeos.

    It was faster than the GT2 RS, again on the Corsas, at the Hockenheimring I think in a SA test sometime mid last year

  • isaldiri 12 Jan 2019

    SportAuto did practically the same time with the Performante which was on a trofeo ie faster tyre. Yes that supposedly 6:52 factory lap Performante. That is a bloody good time that the 720 did with SA....

  • ghost83 12 Jan 2019

    And I bet the 7xxLT will blow them all away

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