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One-off Ferrari 'Prototipo' due today

The 'most extreme Special Project' yet from Ferrari will be shown this afternoon - here's the teaser

By Matt Bird / Monday, March 25, 2019

All Ferraris are special cars; even the most common, least powerful, least fondly remembered ones. Some, however, are clearly more special than others. There are the limited edition track weapons for starters, cars like the 488 Pista and F12 TdF, the V12 hypercars and then the really extreme things, the Special Project cars like the SP38, SP America and this car, the Prototipo.

Set to be revealed this afternoon, the Prototipo has been previewed on Ferrari's Facebook page with some moody design sketching sessions and a brief snippet of testing at Fiorano. As is often the way with these things, there's not a great deal to be discovered. Certainly it's a dedicated track car, the aesthetic clues giving that away before the 488 Challenge wheels are bolted on and it's sent on circuit. There are louvres, spoilers and spats aplenty, the Prototipo aggressive and purposeful even by Ferrari's standards.

So what is it? Nobody seems all that sure just yet, although with the project to be detailed in full later today there are only a few hours to wait. Some rumours have suggested it's a LaFerrari-based creation, though we'd say from here it looks and sounds more like one of the turbo V8 cars. Who knows? Let's see what emerges come 2pm...

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