Honda Mean Mower returns!

Remember the Honda Mean Mower of a few years back? Course you do. It's quite hard to forget a vehicle ostensibly for garden duties that boasts more than 500hp per tonne. Now, nearly five years after it was first shown and four years after the 'world's fastest mower' record was set, Honda is back with another version.

Still going by the name of 'Mean Mower' this version is described by Honda as "wild" - because the last one was so tame, right? The most significant change seems to be the switch from a 109hp Firestorm engine to one from a Fireblade. And yes, that's a new Fireblade. With 189hp. At 13,000rpm. Blimey...

As a result Honda says this new mower will be capable of more than 134mph, in theory comfortably exceeding the 116mph of the original. Driving duties are being handed to Jess Hawkins, former British Karting champ and currently racing (and winning) in the Mini Challenge. How far over 134mph can it actually go?

Additional details on the Mean Mower Mk2 are pretty limited at the moment, Honda ending its preview video with a 'coming soon' teaser and nothing else. When there's news of the next record attempt we'll let you know!


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  • Dafuq 16 Mar 2018

    Mental, has me pondering how much quicker I could.get my paddocks mowed. smile

  • Integroo 16 Mar 2018

    Does it mow at 134mph?

  • Turbobanana 16 Mar 2018

    134mph? They must be on weed...

  • soad 16 Mar 2018


  • Twoshoe 17 Mar 2018

    Integroo said:
    Does it mow at 134mph?
    Presumably, if it does mow at 134mph, you'd be needing to empty the grass collector every few seconds.

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