£300k all-electric SLS only months away

Mercedes will reveal the production version of its SLS AMG E-Cell at the Paris motor show at the end of the month with a price tag expected to be around £300,000 - almost double the ‘regular’ petrol-powered SLS AMG coupe.

Confirming the all-electric SLS will go on sale to the (very wealthy) public, AMG boss Ola Kallenius said first deliveries would arrive at the start of 2013.

Big performance, or up to 130 miles
Big performance, or up to 130 miles
The SLS E-Cell, first seen as a running concept in mid-2010, will have a limited world-wide production run of just “a few hundred”, according to a Mercedes insider. The production version is also expected to match the performance figures of the concept, namely 530hp, 0-62mph in 4 seconds, 0-125mph in 11 seconds and a top speed limited to 155mph. The talk is of 60kWh lithium-ion batteries providing up to 130 miles range, and a one-hour fast-charging capability from zero to 100%.

Speaking exclusively to PistonHeads at the Moscow motor show last week, Kallenius said AMG was working on a host of eco-technologies that would reduce the emissions from its vehicles, including hybrids and full EVs.

“CO2 targets are going down," he said. "AMG’s aim is to be the most efficient in class for horsepower and torque. For example, the SLK has 420hp and does 8.4l/100km (33.4mpg).Not only is it the most powerful in its class, it's also the most efficient.” he said.

SLS E-Cell set to scoop Audi's e-tron
SLS E-Cell set to scoop Audi's e-tron
Kallenius said AMG was working on a range of technologies to bring emissions figures down including “cylinder deactivation, charging, downsizing, direct injection, spray-guided piezo injectors, weight reduction… we’re working on all of these, it’s not something we do on the side, it’s part of the way we work.”

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  • Carnnoisseur 20 Sep 2012

    Hardly an incentive to walk away from the petrol variants, 100% more? I'd rather Puchase the petrol SLS 63 and bank the change. £10k would ease my conscience with a used Prius. Jokers!!!

  • Gary C 20 Sep 2012

    Until generation of electricity is from carbon free sources, all these electrical vehicles just move the emmisions to another place.


  • chrisironside 20 Sep 2012

    I think if Mercedes wanted people use use electric they would offer better incentives. This appears like more of an excerise in raking in money whilst appearing socially aware.

    1 hour charge from empty to full is very impressive though!

  • MrTappets 20 Sep 2012

    I know I don't get out much, but seriously, it's exciting to think just how good electric powertrains will be in 10-20 years time. I'm sure even five years ago we had nothing like what's being offered now.

  • Harry H 20 Sep 2012

    Who on earth would buy such a thing. You could buy the normal version and have £150k to spend on petrol. Even at 15mpg that's getting on for 350,000 miles worth.

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