Ariel to launch one-make race series in 2013

Ariel is to launch its first-ever UK-based single-make series in 2013 - the Atom Cup. The new series will involve eight race weekends with a total of 16 races at circuits around the UK.

The cars themselves will be 'cup-spec' versions of the Atom, with a tweaked chassis, full roll protection, racing instruments and Ohlins suspension. Engines (245hp non-supercharged 2.0-litre Honda motors), ECU and dampers will be sealed, and all racers will run on Yokohama control tyres.

Depending on how involved you want to get - or how much money you have - the series will have three different 'packages' (bronze, silver or gold) so drivers will be able to choose whether they want to maintain and lug around the cars themselves, or sign-up for a full-on 'arrive and drive' package.

"This is something that we've talked about for a while and we have spent a lot of time getting the details exactly right, from the car right through to the catering. Our aim is to provide fair, competitive and enjoyable racing at reasonable costs to drivers who want to progress from track days, young guys who want to move into professional motorsport and simply those who just love racing.

A one-make series called 'Spec Race Atom' has already been running in the US since 2010 and has proven the race reliability of the Atom, with not a single DNF due to mechanical failure.

If you want more information on the new series you can visit the Atom Cup website here.

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  • The Danimal 17 Jul 2012

    This looks excellent, I can't wait. Shame they had to put that board on the side for sponsor space though... but I guess if they didn't, there wouldn't be anywhere to put the logos of the nice people that pay for all this car racing shenanigans, so fair enough.

  • DrGP 17 Jul 2012

    Love it. Would be good to watch, better to do.
    Distinct lack of pricing. Anyone know what this costs?

  • Krikkit 17 Jul 2012

    Great stuff, prices are the interesting bit though! Presumably it works out at rather more than the Caterham Academy?

  • housen 17 Jul 2012

    how much for gold pls ?

  • ColbyCol 17 Jul 2012

    DrGP said:
    Love it. Would be good to watch, better to do.
    Distinct lack of pricing. Anyone know what this costs?
    lol i think we all know the kind of people these packages are tailored towards... :/

    Edit - People who don't need to ask 'how much?' haha

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