Clio Cup-Chasing Hardcore Fabia Planned

Skoda looks set to bring a more focused version of its new Fabia vRS hot hatch to the UK - moving the supermini hot hatch much closer in spirit to the likes of cup versions of the Renaultsport Clio and Esseesse-tweaked Abarth Puntos.

Tucked away in the service park of the Czech rally (at which your humble hack was present, but more of that on PH soon) next to the Skoda UK dealer team's service area was this grey-and-painful-yellow Fabia, Skoda's RS+ concept from the recent Worthersee VW show.

All of which was well and good, but not that interesting, until a quiet word with the Skoda UK PR team revealed that the RS+ - or at least parts of it - may be coming to the UK to make a rather more focused Fabia vRS.

It's likely that many of the cosmetic add-ons, including the black grille surround, front bumper extensions and rear diffuser, will make it to the production car, though whether the bonnet vents - which ape the look of the S2000 Fabia rally car - will come is less certain.

Should the tweaks hit Blighty-bound Fabias, the upgraded Recaro-made seats are likely to make it, but the marmite grey-and-yellow colour scheme would probably be toned down.

There's no power upgrade planned - the car will stick with the VW group's 1.4-litre 180bhp turbocharged, supercharged motor - but new wheels (though the concept ones ones are taken directly from the rally car) and, crucially, tweaked suspension would be involved.

As for a name or a price for the model, your guesses are as good as ours as nothing is yet official. It may even be that the cosmetic and dynamic tweaks will merely come as dealer-fit options.

But whatever the result it's certainly going to make the hot Fabia a whole lot more interesting. A Fabia instead of a Renaulstsport Clio? These tweaks might make us think twice...

(then probably go for the Clio anyway)


P.H. O'meter

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Comments (58) Join the discussion on the forum

  • P4ROT 31 Aug 2010

    Pretty cool- would probs sell well

  • soad 31 Aug 2010

    Interesting but that yellow colour scheme stand out too much. Even if it's meant to be a hotter version...

  • Danny S 31 Aug 2010

    the seats look the same as the VXR Corsa, which if so are very cool smile

  • Stevesh 31 Aug 2010

    If there's no more power allowed by VW, then it should loose a few pounds to up the performance. Light wheels and seats are a start but how about less soundproofing, thinner glass and an aluminium bonnet.

    A proper LSD might be a good market differentiator as well!


  • bob1179 31 Aug 2010

    I've been punting about in the the lowly 1.2 3 cylinder 6v version for the last twelve months, it has a whole 55bhp. I've got to admit that it is actually plenty of fun. You need to plan ahead, but once you've started to pedal it, the little Skoda is great.

    I've grown quite attached to the little beast, I'd love to have a go in one with 180bhp!


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