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Honda F20C chasing VX220: PHTV

A straight S2000 against VX220 track battle? Not exactly...

By Matt Bird / Tuesday, May 5, 2015

'Honda F20C Chasing VX220' says the video description from this latest PHTV clip. We had to look up F20C too, it's the S2000 engine. So why not just call it a Honda S2000 video? Ah, that's because it isn't a Honda S2000. It's an MX-5 with an S2000 engine. And it looks bloody brilliant fun.

Uploaded by PHer Matt Scarbro, this vid is from a Cadwell Park track and features, would you guess it, a Vauxhall VX220 as well. The car looks and sounds superb on the track, easily keeping the Vauxhall close. There are flames from the VX220 too so keep a look out for those.

Finally, if this is all a bit sensible for you, Matt has a far more sideways video from Blyton Park here. Top work that man!

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