Hot Mugen Honda CR-Z Spec Revealed

Honda tuner Mugen is set to finally deliver a properly hot version of the CR-Z hybrid coupe at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in July - and it has today revealed that the new car will be supercharged.

The tuned version of the hybrid coupe is expected to produce around 198bhp (Civic Type R levels), and 181lb ft of torque (significantly more than Civic Type R levels). The car retains the Honda IMA electric motor and the original 1.5-litre i-VTEC petrol engine, which has been rebuilt to Mugen spec by Northamptonshire-based Mugen Euro with bespoke upgraded and strengthened internal components.

"The idea was to use the significant advantage of the early torque provided by the Honda IMA electric motor, then increase the torque available from the petrol engine gradually, to first maintain and then increase this," says Colin Whittamore from Mugen Euro. "A supercharger and complementary electronics allow us to very neatly map the IMA to the extra power and torque of the engine in a unique package, giving a smooth, integrated and powerful driving experience."

Plenty of work has also gone on with the Chassis and body, too: there are five-step adjustable dampers fitted front and rear, an increase in track width and a large reduction in overall weight, as well as bigger brake discs and four-pot monobloc calipers.



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  • Hellbound 21 Apr 2011

    All that work and kit...for such 'average' power levels (ok, good for a 1.5 but it's supercharged AND has an electric motor). Where are Mugen's fuel consumption figures to justify the electric motor in the first place?

    On the positive side, erm...good effort considering what they started with. If this ever made production, it would probably be north of £35k and they'll sell 8, in Europe.

    Edited by Hellbound on Thursday 21st April 15:46

  • MSportUK 21 Apr 2011

    I like it. I'd consider one if it was under 20 grand, so I expect it'll be 45.

  • LuS1fer 21 Apr 2011

    Oh god, here we go...hybrid rants.
    I wouldn't want one - seems self-defeating to me.

  • george h 21 Apr 2011

    If they left the exterior of it alone then it would be quite a nice car, but that black bonnet on white paintwork just looks utterly ridiculous.

  • glazbagun 21 Apr 2011

    Surely a better idea would be to use the torque from the electric motor to allow you to get to high-revving madness? WHat's the rear suspension setup on a standard CR-Z, out of curiosity?

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