Longbridge MG TF Plans Shattered

Nanjing unveiled a spruced up TF
Nanjing unveiled a spruced up TF
Cars may never be built at Longbridge again after a plan to revive MG TF production at the plant reportedly collapsed.

Main supplier Stadco has apparently decided to stop manufacturing body-shells for the TF, affectively sounding the ‘death knell’ for the fragile project.

After it bought MG Rover it had been hoped that Nanjing would open up the assembly lines at Longbridge.

But one source has told local media that it is now doubtful whether Nanjing parent SAIC will ever produce cars at Longbridge.

He said the chances of the factory producing MGs was ‘very slim’ and the best the Rover factory could hope for would be a role as a servicing centre.

He pointed out that far more attractive operations had struggled, such as Jaguar, Aston Martin and TVR, and that it would be uneconomical to produce cars at Longbridge.

‘If SAIC/Nanjing thought they could produce cars at Longbridge economically, then I am sure they would,’ he said.

‘But can they do it economically?

‘I cannot see them prepared to spend the sorts of money required. It was always wishful thinking that something would happen. "I accept that some people within Nanjing had intentions to produce. But I have never had the impression they were serious about it.’

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  • bob1179 15 Apr 2008

    Well, that is hardly suprising news.

    Goes well with the TVR thread I suppose...


  • RichardR 15 Apr 2008

    I thought the original plans were for Nanjing to press the bodyshells and them ship them over with the necessary additional components for final assembly at Lonbridge.

    If that's the case what do STADCO, who appear to be an American engineering and fabrication company with a UK operation, have to do with the operation? confused

  • Tahiti 15 Apr 2008

    I'm not sure I'd want a Chinese interpretation of an old design of car anyway.

  • mrloudly 15 Apr 2008

    Stadco are a huge pressing company (My biggest customer).
    They bought the Castle Brom Jaguar press shop (See the site off the M6) and (for a while) the LDV press shop.

    Most people don't realise most car manufacturers don't make
    cars, they mostly assemble bits from other suppliers.

    Did you know that Mayflower (Bought out by Stadco) Made MGF bodies on a line next to DB7's in Coventry???

    Andy M

  • tomTVR 15 Apr 2008

    Tahiti said:
    I'm not sure I'd want a Chinese interpretation of an old design of car anyway.
    Exactly, you would need underpants on your head and pencils sticking out of your nose to buy one over the latest MX5 unless it was VERY cheap.

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