Maserati GranTurismo MC Stradale: Spotted

Despite its considerable size and extraordinary sound, it's easy to forget about the Maserati GranTurismo MC Stradale. Why? Possibly it's the sheer amount of GranTurismos offered since its 2007 launch. From a used perspective, the cars receiving the most attention are surely the earliest (and cheapest) 4.2s, plus the later 4.7s with the better suited automatic gearbox. Maybe a GranCabrio too, for those who need to swan off at a moment's notice.

Consequently, the Stradale, with just 10hp more than a contemporary 4.7 Sport and missing the very handy back seats of every other model, might look like an odd fit. Particularly with only the clunky automated manual offered. Is there actually any point? Well yes, we think there is (even if Maserati unofficially acknowledged its mistake and reintroduced the third and fourth seats with a facelift). Because, as we all know damn well, what could be classed as 'illogical' when new becomes 'rather intriguing' just a few years later.

Because look at the thing. This Bianco 2000 MC isn't far off half price after 40,000 miles, available for less money than Nic's TT RS long termer was specced to. Yes, you shouldn't do new versus used, but we just did. So deal with it.

More than that the Stradale was a sensational car; we praised the four-seat version in 2013 for its gorgeous engine and finely honed dynamics (probably safe to assume the latter is unaffected by the kilos save in the two-seat model). Oh sure, it was too loud for a track day, the infotainment was crap and it's not a light car, but there was genuine talent and ability there to offset the flaws. The GranTurismo was no less fantastic when we drove it last year in our 'V8s are great' feature.

It almost goes without saying that more ostensibly sporting cars are available for the cash - see numerous examples of the original Audi R8 V8, 4.7-litre Aston Vantages, whatever 911 you care to mention - as well as fully fledged GTs that proffer something similar, maybe even better, than the Maserati - Aston DB9, Bentley Continental GT, Mercedes CL. Yet in spite of all those alternatives, the Maserati appeals; once upon a time it was referred to on PH as a cut-price Ferrari F12 - and who wouldn't be tempted by that?

While the Stradale will obviously exert a strain on your personal finances in a way that a new C63 would not, something like a Vantage or a Conti GT is not going to be affordable to run either. As surely the most popular Maserati ever (as well as still being in production), the struggle to source parts that must be familiar to rarer Trident-badged tearaways shouldn't exist. And, if you really must, there are four-seat Stradales in the classifieds as well. So all the family can find out what it is that makes Ferrari V8s (even the cross-plane ones) just so fabulous.

4,691cc V8
Transmission: 6-speed automated manual, rear-wheel drive
Power (hp): 450@7,000rpm
Torque (lb ft): 383@4,750rpm
MPG: 19.6
CO2: 337g/km
First registered: 2011
Recorded mileage: 41,000
Price new: £110,110 (2013, four-seat)
Yours for: £57,995

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  • WCZ 19 Jul 2018

    they look every bit as good now as they did then

  • Pooh 19 Jul 2018

    I had a Granturismo S with MC shift box and the Stradale suspension fitted and it was brilliant, the lighter Stradale must be fantastic. The later 4 seat Stradale had additional weight saving including a carbon bonnet so I believe it is around the same weight as the two seat version and it has a little more power and torque.

  • brogenville 19 Jul 2018

    I almost bought this very car last year. In the end, they wouldn’t budge on the price, so I went with a 612 instead. In many ways I’m glad I did, as this is still for sale, and has since been reduced considerably. At the same time, I can’t help but wonder if this would have been more fun.

  • Macboy 19 Jul 2018

    I have driven three or four Maseratis with this gearbox including an MC Stradale and it entirely ruined the car for me. I like the way it looked, the interior was reasonably well put together and the engine made a nice noise and pulled well. But the gearbox was so agricultural that I thought there must be some secret technique to which I was not party. Oh for a manual or even an auto. I can appreciate why people want one but it was underdeveloped 10 years ago and I suspect remains an equally "acquired taste" today.

  • Jon_S_Rally 19 Jul 2018

    These are such a pretty car. More so than any front-engined Ferrari of recent years in my view.

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