McLaren Senna on the road: Update!

UPDATE: 23/02/18
More pictures have emerged of McLaren's track-focussed hypercar being put through its paces as it undergoes the final stages of testing. Since it was last spotted in the wild, quite a few details have emerged, all serving to reinforce just how incredible the Senna ought to be.

A few examples? Thanks to the combination of 800hp and 590lb ft, the Senna reaches 62 from a standstill in just 2.8 seconds, hitting 124mph a mere four seconds later and completing the quarter mile in 9.9. Peak downforce is 800kg - 40 per cent more than a P1 - and that gigantic rear wing can support over 500kg of it, despite only weighing 5kg itself.

Top speed is 211mph, and it'll come back down to earth just as impressive as it takes off, with 390x34mm ceramic 'CCM-R' rotors - each with four times the thermal conductivity of regular carbon ceramic discs - helping it from 124mph to a standstill from 124mph in just 100m. That's 16m less than a P1 can manage.

All this, Woking says, in pursuit of offering "the purest connection yet between driver and car of any road-legal McLaren".

[Photo: Autocar]

Now this is a spot, isn't it? With the furore around McLaren's most track focusedproduct having appeared to die down over the festive period, here it is captured on the public road. And without further details on it, that probably means another opportunity to discuss the styling...

Looks bonkers, doesn't it? Like something driven off a film set onto the London orbital motorway. That wing and rear diffuser look even more ludicrous against the tedious reality of a camera gantry and a central reservation, the impact of both heightened after fairly staid original shots. While the profile is quite recognisably McLaren, the Senna is patently wilder than anything else from Woking so far. In case you hadn't noticed. And dare we say there's a hint of Lamborghini Centenario to the back of it?

Note too the incredible visibility that's become a McLaren hallmark: you can see in almost right to the centre console from two lanes away and the A-pillar is narrow. Perhaps most strikingly of all though is the change a colour swap has affected; in black rather than orange the Senna is meaner, angrier and more brutal. And, let's be honest, it helps disguise some of those aero elements that, while no doubt helping to make the car sensational to drive, probably haven't helped initial public reaction. It's got presence, certainly. We'll have ours with McLaren Orange calipers though, please.

Huge thanks to PHer 'anytimespy' on Instagram for sending this over; expect more from McLaren on the car very soon.

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  • big_peaches 04 Jan 2018

    That spoiler man .... biggrin

  • soad 04 Jan 2018

    big_peaches said:
    That spoiler man .... biggrin

  • Dave Hedgehog 04 Jan 2018

    bloody ugly thing

  • PunterCam 04 Jan 2018

    It's like a comedy!

    Actually looks pretty tame here in black, like a Toyota with a bad body kit or something.

  • givablondabone 04 Jan 2018


    Not for shrinking violets

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