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New Porsche Cayenne Coupe GTS spied

Chassis tweaks and twin-turbo V8 on the menu for enthusiast-grade Cayenne

By Sam Sheehan / Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Porsche is readying its Cayenne Coupe GTS for launch this year with a 460hp twin-turbo V8 powerplant and potentially the most driver-focussed chassis setup of the entire line-up. Sitting between the Turbo and V6-powered S, the GTS will prioritise handling with more aggressive air suspension settings - as shown by the spied car's noticeably lower stance - to better rival a string of go-faster premium SUVs. 

We already know that the Coupe’s swept-back bodyshape – complete with its 20mm lower roofline, more raked A-pillar and wider rear track – provides it with a balance and weight advantage over the normal Cayenne, so expect engineers to be make the most of it in the chassis tuning department. Rear-biased power, a quick-reacting limited slip diff and active chassis tech will be amongst the GTS’s armoury, alongside better all-round agility. 

Expect a 0-62mph time of around 4.5 seconds and an eager V8 character to go with it - although not the detriment of usability, given the Cayenne's always-broad remit. We know from the Panamera GTS that this spec of V8 has 457lb ft of torque from just 1,800rpm, while the eight-speed PDK is as slick as they come. Couple that to an air suspension system more than capable of dialling back any harshness, and the day-to-day differences between S and GTS ought to be minimal.

That being said, the test car’s enormous front brakes, lighter wheels and – when testing returns to the warm climates of the European mainland – stickier boots, should lend the GTS a significant performance edge. Its biggest limitations will probably be attributed to its inescapable size and two-tonne kerbweight; facets which have so far prevented the Cayenne from reaching the same physics-defying level the smaller Macan has achieved. 

The GTS will get a few visual tweaks to illustrate its rank; the test car shows the black accents, darkened lights and wheels to come, while the cabin is almost certainly going to gain more Alcantara to go with inevitable GTS badges and flashes of extra colour. Even with its sacrificed rear headroom, the Coupe is a lovely place to command a high-performance engine from; don’t expect that to change in the GTS.

Given the lack of camouflage on the pictured car, we suspect Porsche’s reveal date is fast-approaching, so the GTS's market launch ought to be sooner rather than later. Pricing will inevitably place the new model between the S and Turbo, meaning that somewhere around £90k seems likely. We should know more in the coming weeks, particularly if Porsche opts for an online reveal while the continent is still in lockdown.

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