Renault Sport Clio Performance Parts launched

Have you ever been to a track day without some kind of Renault Sport also being there? Probably not. Meganes, Twingos and Clios just lend themselves to circuit driving so well: fast, nimble, adjustable, way more durable than people think and with a surfeit of aftermarket parts available to improve them as required. They're wicked fun - see our Ben's Clioย and Megane projectsย for proof.

Anyway, after what must be at least 15 years of people modifying their fast French hatches for track days, Renault Sport has decided to launch a range of official goodies. Thus far it's only for Cliosย (more models are said to be coming), and doesn't involve, say, a 2.0-litre engine and manual gearbox conversionย - sorry, impossible to resist - but the chassis and cosmetic parts do sound pretty cool.

Renault describes the new range as, "filling the gap between the sport and competition series, this is a product offering that fulfils the expectations of enthusiasts looking for an extra soupรงon of style, performance, and even high performance. It's the essence of track days captured to perfection!" To that end buyers will be able to select kit like carbon backed seats, "high performance brake and suspension systems", strut braces, exhausts, intercoolers and more.
As for the style options, they include a set of Speedline Turinis (which have looked fantastic on Clios since the 172 Cup of 2002; see Sam's 182 for proof of that), a bodykit inspired by the RS16 and a carbon bonnet. Anyone else think the yellow one looks absolutely superb?

There's more, too, for the truly dedicated. Along with equipment for the car, Renault Sport has also now launched a branded tool trolley, tilting lift, torque wrench, spray gun and toolset. Imagine how cool you'll look at an R.S. track day with those.

Renault says the parts are on sale now through its dealer network and the Renault Sport site; while there doesn't seem to be anything running for the UK side of things yet, the French pageย has the bodykit at โ‚ฌ2,000 (plus โ‚ฌ1,200 for the rear spoiler), suspension upgrades from โ‚ฌ1,000 and the carbon bonnet at โ‚ฌ1,800. Certainly not cheap, then, but manufacturer-backed track day parts were never going to be. And, well, with the cheapest EDC Clio 200s now at ยฃ8.5kย and out of warranty, there's been no better time since launch to get tinkering...

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Comments (9) Join the discussion on the forum

  • Robmarriott 07 Dec 2018

    Not totally opposed to the idea but you'll be able to build a better car cheaper by buying non Renault Sport branded equivalents.

    If you do buy all those bits and fit them to a nearly new car (can't see them on Renault's site new anymore so guess they're no longer on sale), you won't be far off the price of a second hand Clio Cup race car! (which won't be road legal obviously)

  • Onehp 07 Dec 2018

    Something wrong with how those wheels look. Like someone fitted rims from another car with too low et and the put on wrong tyres with a lower profile than required...
    Edit: on the black one without the bodykit and the suspension I suppose. Yellow one is much better.

    Edited by Onehp on Friday 7th December 12:56

  • framerateuk 07 Dec 2018

    Shame there's no mention of a Brembo/AP brake kit which is what the Clio IV really needs. Lots of reports of overheating on trackdays with the standard sliding caliper.

    Still, a step in the right direction since Renault have generally avoided this sort of thing!

  • wst 07 Dec 2018

    Those harnesses look like they'll crush your spine, unless there's something clever about those seats that stops them crushing in a crash.

  • wab172uk 07 Dec 2018

    Probably how it should have looked from the start. Only with a manual gearbox.

    I wonder what the stats are for how many Clio RS's were sold in the UK per year (manual box) to the yearly sale figures for the auto only car.

    You don't see many around.

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